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Dear MARMAM Colleagues:

We are pleased to announce the following publication in Diseases of Aquatic

Fiorito C, Palacios C, Golemba M, Bratanich A and others (2015)
Identification, molecular and phylogenetic analysis of poxvirus in skin
lesions of southern right whale. Dis Aquat Org 116:157-163


Poxvirus skin disease has been reported in several species of cetaceans,
principally in odontocetes, and a single report in mysticetes. Southern
right whales Eubalaena australis in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina, show a
variety of skin lesions of unknown etiology, and the number of these
lesions has increased in recent years. Samples from dead whales were taken
in order to establish the etiology of these lesions. One calf and one adult
presented ring-type lesions, characterized by a circumscribed and slightly
raised area of skin. Lesions were histologically characterized by the
presence of microvesicles and vacuolated cells in the stratum spinosum,
along with hyperplasia of the stratum corneum and eosinophilic inclusion
bodies in the cytoplasm of the epithelial cells. Transmission electron
microscopy showed aggregations of virions with typical poxvirus morphology.
PCR of cetacean poxvirus (CPV) DNA polymerase, DNA topoisomerase I and
parapoxvirus DNA polymerase gene fragments was done, and confirmed the
presence of poxvirus in one sample. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the
detected poxvirus belongs to the CPV-2 group. This is the first confirmed
report of poxvirus in southern right whales in Argentina.

The article can be downloaded from:
Alternatively, if you are unable to download the article please email me
for a pdf at carlafiorito at gmail.com

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