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Dear all,

I would like to announce the recent publication on insecticides and
sunscreen in dolphin fetus:

*Toxic heritage: Maternal transfer of pyrethroid insecticides and sunscreen
agents in dolphins from Brazil.*

M.B. Alonso, M.L. Feo, C. Corcellas, P. Gago-Ferrero, C.P. Bertozzi, J.
Marigo, L. Flach, A.C.O. Meirelles, V.L. Carvalho, A.F. Azevedo, J.P.M.
Torres, J. Lailson-Brito, O. Malm, M.S. Diaz-Cruz, E. Eljarrat, D. Barcelo

*Environmental Pollution, Volume 207, December 2015, Pages 391–402*

ABSTRACT: Pyrethroids (PYR) and UV filters (UVF) were investigated in
tissues of paired mother-fetus dolphins from Brazilian coast in order to
investigate the possibility of maternal transfer of these emerging
contaminants. Comparison of PYR and UVF concentrations in maternal and
fetal blubber revealed Franciscana transferred efficiently both
contaminants to fetuses (F/M > 1) and Guiana dolphin transferred
efficiently PYR to fetuses (F/M > 1) different than UVF (F/M < 1). PYR and
UVF concentrations in fetuses were the highest-ever reported in biota (up
to 6640 and 11,530 ng/g lw, respectively). Muscle was the organ with the
highest PYR and UVF concentrations (p < 0.001), suggesting that these two
classes of emerging contaminants may have more affinity for proteins than
for lipids. The high PYR and UVF concentrations found in fetuses
demonstrate these compounds are efficiently transferred through placenta.
This study is the first to report maternal transfer of pyrethroids and UV
filters in marine mammals.

The full text and pdf is available from:


Open access:


For any questions or requests, please email:

Mariana Alonso: alonso.mb at gmail.com <skj3 at st-andrews.ac.uk>


*Mariana Batha Alonso, PhD*
*Post Doctoral Researcher*

Environmental Health
San Diego State University (SDSU), CA, USA

Southern California Coastal Water Research Project Agency (SCCWRP)
Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Biophysics Institute
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), RJ, Brazil

Aquatic Mammal and Bioindicator Laboratory
Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), RJ, Brazil
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