[MARMAM] Bryde´s whale in southeastern Brazil

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Wed May 27 04:54:06 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of my co-authors, I'm pleased to announce a new publication:

Lodi, L.; Tardin, R.H.; Hetzel, B.; Maciel, I.S.; Figueiredo, L.D & Simão,
S. M. (2015).  Bryde´s whale (Cetartiodactyla: Balaenopteridae) occurrence
and movements in coastal areas of southeastern Brazil. 
Zoologia.  32 (2): 171–175. Doi:

Bryde’s whales, Balaenoptera edeni Anderson, 1879, were observed on 17
occasions (N = 21 surveys) in the coastal waters off Rio de Janeiro in
southeastern Brazil during austral summer through autumn 2014. Five whales
were individually identified using photo-identification techniques. The mean
interval between resightings for all individuals was 12.8 days, with a
minimum of one day and a maximum of 48 days. The comparison between the
catalogs of Bryde’s whales off Rio de Janeiro and the Cabo Frio region
revealed matches for three individuals. The resightings show movements of up
to 149.6 km along the coastal waters off the state of Rio de Janeiro. Most
of the observations consisted of solitary individuals (82.3% of sightings).
Feeding was the predominant behavior observed (47%), followed by milling
(35.3%) and travelling (17.6%) in waters up to 48 m deep. Direct
observations resulted in the addition of
new prey, such as snubnose anchovy, Anchoviella brevirostris (Günther, 1868)
and white snake mackerel, Thyrsitops lepidopoides (Cuvier, 1832), to the
known diet of the Bryde’s whale. A long time series of photo-identification
efforts in the Rio de Janeiro, the Cabo Frio region and other areas can
elucidate fundamental aspects of spatial and temporal site fidelity
knowledge of Bryde’s whales in southeastern Brazil.

The publication can be downloaded from:

Kind regards,
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