[MARMAM] Research assistant and volunteer positions for land and boat based cetacean monitoring, Antalya, TURKEY

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Wed May 20 07:33:25 PDT 2015

There are newpositions available on cetacean monitoring in the Antalya Bay, Turkey

TheProject:Marine MammalsResearch Association (DMAD) founded for the purpose of contributingto the scientific knowledge on marine mammals for the conservation andsustainable management of marine biodiversity and increasing the publicawareness in the area. Despite the large cetacean biodiversity,there haven’t been any long-term studies on this region. Therefore, the projectaims to fulfill the gaps of missing long-term studies in the area by collectingdata on cetacean abundance, distribution, behavior and site fidelity. Thisproject provides an excellent opportunity for cetologists, students andindividuals interested in getting more experience and knowledge in the field ofmarine mammal research.OPENPOSITIONS       We havetwo different positions open

 RESEARCHASSISTANT (R.A.)       We are lookingfor one research assistant starting from the end of July for 5 months, and you musthave some experience with marine mammals or animal ecology.

As a R.A., you will have accessto intensive training on;          ·        GIS         ·         Basic statistics and SPSS         ·         DISTANCE and other softwares (Pythagoras, Logger, Imatch).There will also be space andopportunity for you to suggest and create your own project, as well ascontribute to publications we might be working on. There may be opportunitiesto join into the offshore surveys.

Theproject contribution is 500€ per month, which covers the accommodation (foodcost will be at each responsibility, although this is a low expense and shouldbe around 75€ month or less).

 VOLUNTEERWe arelooking for enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working individuals to join ourteam. Minimum commitment is one month, although for a fuller experience werecommend two. 

Thisposition is unpaid and requires a contribution which covers the accommodationand side activities. Food cost will be at each responsibility, although this isa low expense and should be around 75€ month or less. 

Theavailable months are:

·        August(850€ One position left!!)

·        September(850€ One position left!!)

·        October(700€ Open)

·        November(700€Open)

·        December(700€ Open)


Required aptitudes:



Beingable to live and work in a multicultural team sharing the same home.


Collectingsighting and behavioral data (using binoculars, theodolite and different software’s) both during land and boat surveys

Organizingphoto-ID catalogue


Working conditions:Expectlong working days in the field (from 6 to 12 hours per day), and to wake upvery early (around 4:30 a.m.). The work will be carried under adverseweather conditions, particularly under the sun with very high temperatures (upto 45ºC). The typical week is divided in 4 days of fieldwork 1-2 days of officework and 1-2 days for you to enjoy the lovely Turkish Riviera and the city ofAntalya. 

How to applyPleasesend a cover letter and CV to info at dmad.org.tr. For more information pleasevisit www.dmad.org.tr or email us.

Have a good day,Aylin Akkaya Baş  
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