[MARMAM] Opportunity to gain field research experience studying whales and dolphins in Southern California

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Thu May 14 14:53:38 PDT 2015

Safeguarding Whales and Dolphins under the California Sun

Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute is offering an opportunity to participate in research examining human impacts on marine mammals in Southern California.  The area is home to numerous species of marine mammals; the most commonly observed during the summer months are blue whales, common, bottlenose, and Risso's dolphins, along with sea lions.
As an Earthwatch volunteer on this expedition you will assist scientists in data collection regarding marine mammal activity in relationship to boating traffic and environmental variables.  You will gain valuable training and hands-on research experience collecting data via boat and shore surveys, using a GPS and theodolite to record sightings locations, mapping with GIS, photographing to identify individual animals, and documenting and analyzing behavior from focal and scan follows. No previous experience is necessary.
The research is based out of the beautiful seaside port of Dana Point, California and includes a day trip to Catalina Island. Expedition contributions cover accommodation (shared rooms in a townhouse), all meals, boat trips, and activities.
Dr. Lei Lani Stelle, Associate Professor at the University of Redlands, the Principal Investigator on this project has been studying marine mammals and working with volunteers for over 20 years.
1-2 week research teams run from June 21- July 25.  Currently there are spaces available for adults on Team 4: July 19-25, 2015.
This expedition also accepts teen participants on a designated team 3: July 12-18, 2015.  Teen teams are accompanied and supported by a facilitator.
To learn more about this unique opportunity please feel free to call us at 1-800-776-0188 or read more about this expedition online at http://earthwatch.org/expeditions/whales-and-dolphins-under-the-california-sun.

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