[MARMAM] Field assistant needed for a behavioural ecological, physiological and demographical project in autumn 2015

stephanie.kalberer at uni-bielefeld.de stephanie.kalberer at uni-bielefeld.de
Mon May 11 07:36:07 PDT 2015

Field assistant needed for a behavioural ecological, physiological and
demographical project in autumn 2015


We are currently looking for two highly motivated field assistants to
participate in our international field project on behavioural ecology,
phsyiology and demography of Galapagos sea lions (Zalophus wollebaeki).
Since 2003, we are investigating a population of sea lions on a little islet
(Caamaño), determining female and male reproductive success, and looking at
physiological aspects, pup growth, social structure and demography in a
study population of about 1000 animals. The project is run by Stephanie
Kalberer, Prof. Oliver Krüger and Prof. Fritz Trillmich (University of
Bielefeld, Germany).


The field site is situated on a small (300m diameter), uninhabited islet off
Santa Cruz. To investigate growth, reproductive success and social structure
we run a regular recapture and resighting program. The field assistant will
participate in all aspects of this program. Field work will be physically
and psychologically demanding. Participants have to live in tents the entire
field season and share in all camp duties (cooking, cleaning, daily data
entry, etc.). No sanitary facilities are available and we provide sweet
water only for drinking and cooking! All gear needs to be transported to the
islet via a difficult landing and camp conditions are primitive, including
mostly tinned food. Due to the long stay in this rough situation volunteers
need to be physically capable. Preferences will be given to candidates with
prior field work experience, especially those who have worked with pinnipeds
before (please specify your experiences).


Field assistants are expected to stay for the entire field season (end of
September until the middle of December). We cover travel expenses from and
to Galapagos, lodging on Santa Cruz and living expenses on Caamaño. The
language at the camp will be English and Spanish.


If you are interested, please send an application in English (including a
letter of motivation, two references and your curriculum vitae) until 30th
of May 2015 to the following address: stephanie.kalberer at uni-bielefeld.de


Stephanie Kalberer

PhD Candidate

Galapagos Sea Lion Project

Department of Animal Behaviour
University of Bielefeld 

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