[MARMAM] New paper:"Biphonic calls as signature whistles in a free-ranging bottlenose dolphin"

Elena Papale elena.papale at iamc.cnr.it
Thu May 7 07:57:03 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of my co-authors, I'm pleased to announce the publication of  
a new paper:

"Biphonic calls as signature whistles in a free-ranging bottlenose dolphin"

Elena Papale, Gaspare Buffa, Francesco Filiciotto, Vincenzo  
Maccarrone, Salvatore Mazzola, Maria Ceraulo, Cristina Giacoma &  
Giuseppa Buscaino

Bioacoustics: The International Journal of Animal Sound and its Recording,
DOI: 10.1080/09524622.2015.1041158

A PDF version of the paper is available online at:

or via email request to: elena.papale at iamc.cnr.it


Biphonic signals are nonlinear phenomena (NLPs) occurring in the  
repertoire of several animal groups and widespread across mammalian  
species. Although the mechanism of production is unclear, an adaptive  
meaning was suggested by their communication function, such as group  
or individual recognition. We document the rare recording event of a  
biphonic whistle emitted within a free-ranging population of  
bottlenose dolphins in the waters of south-western Sicily, Italy. The  
whistle was recorded in 2 different years, always when a  
photo-identified individual was present. A quantitative description of  
the signal is provided. The signal presents some unique  
characteristics in its frequency modulation pattern which is stable  
for a long period. Furthermore, the synchronized beginning of the two  
fundamental frequencies, the signal repetition within few seconds and  
its emission in freely interacting contexts suggest that biphonation  
is neither temporary nor involuntary. Also, we propose that  
biphonation can be produced via multiple mechanisms in bottlenose  
dolphins and that NLPs could represent natural recognizing marks that  
play a role in communication between bottlenose dolphins.


Elena Papale, PhD
Institute for Coastal Marine Environment
National Research Council
Via del Mare 3
91021 Torretta Granitola (TP)
elena.papale at iamc.cnr.it
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