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The following is a partial list of items available.  All funds go to ¡VIVA Vaquita! (a collaboration of five 501(3)c non-profits), forresearch and conservation of the World’s most endangered marine mammal species,the vaquita (Phocoena sinus).  Go to www.vivavaquita.orgfor more details.  Prices listed aresuggested minimum donations.  All itemsare in good-excellent condition, unless otherwise stated; HC=hardcover,PB=paperback.  Preference will be givento domestic USA orders.  Donations can bemade in cash or with checks in US dollars. Email Tom Jefferson <sclymene at aol.com> the list of items you wantand your postal address for the items to be sent to (please type your name andaddress exactly as they would appear on a mailing label).  Shipping is included.  Orders will be sent out only after paymentand ‘mailing label’ are received.  
Brown, S.G., Brownell, R.L., Erickson, A.W., Hofman, R.J.,Llano, G.A. & Mackintosh, N.A. (1974) Antarctic Mammals. Antarctic MapFolio Series, 18, 1-19 + plates.  Largefolio.  $30.
Domning, D.P. (1996) Bibliography and index of the Sireniaand Desmostylia. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology, 80, 611 pp.  PB.  $32.
Gaskin, D.E. (1972) Whales, Dolphins, and Seals, WithSpecial Reference to the New Zealand Region, Heineman Educational Books.  HC.  $28.
Geraci, J.R. & Lounsbury, V.J. (2005) Marine MammalsAshore: A Field Guide for Strandings, Texas A&M Sea Grant (Second Edition).  HC.  $35.
Jansen, J. (1953) Studies on the cetacean brain: The grossanatomy of the rhombencephalon of the fin whale (Baleaenoptera physalus (L.)). Hvalradets Skrifter, 37, 6-35.  PB.  $12.
Jefferson, T.A. (2000) Population biology of theIndo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin in Hong Kong waters. Wildlife Monographs, 144,65 pp.  $12.
Jefferson, T.A., Leatherwood, S. & Webber, M.A. (1993)Marine Mammals of the World: FAO Species Identification Guide, United NationEnvironment Programme and Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN.  PB.  $75.
Marsh, H. (1981) The Dugong: Proceedings of aSeminar/Workshop held at James Cook University 8-13 May 1979.  p. 400 pp. James Cook University of NorthQueensland.  PB.  $26.
Miller, G.S. & Kellogg, R. (1955) List of North Americanrecent mammals. Bulletin of the United States National Museum, 205, 954 pp.  PB.  $18.
Mitchell, E., editor. (1975) Review of biology and fisheriesfor smaller cetaceans. In: Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada,350 pp.  HC (bound, with inscription byMitchell).  $38.
Packard, E.L. & Kellogg, R. (1934) A new cetothere fromthe Miocene Astoria Formation of Newport, Oregon. In: Contributions toPaleontology: Marine Mammals (ed. by E.L. Packard, R. Kellogg & E. Huber),pp. pp. 1-62. Carnegie Institution of Washington.  HC.  $13.
Pilleri, G.E., editor. (1969-1994) Investigations onCetacea, Complete set, vols.1-25, plus 5 supplements.  $1,050.
Purves, P.E. & Pilleri, G. (1983) Echolocation in Whalesand Dolphins, Academic Press, London. HC.  $38.
Ridgway, S.H., editor. (1972) Mammals of the Sea: Biology and Medicine.  812 pp. Charles C. Thomas.  HC. Very rare.  $185.
Ronald, K., Gots, B.L., Lupson, J.D., Willings, C.J. &Dougan, J.L. (1991) An Annotated Bibliography of Seals, Sea Lions, and Walrus,International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.  HC.  $28.
Ross, G.J.B. (1984) The smaller cetaceans of the south eastcoast of southern Africa. Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums (NaturalHistory), 15, 173-410.  PB.  $18.
Scheffer, V.B. & Slipp, J.W. (1948) The whales anddolphins of Washington State, with a key to the cetaceans of the west coast ofNorth America. American Midland Naturalist, 39, 257-337.  PB.  $17.
Truitt, D. (1974) Dolphins and Porpoises: A ComprehensiveAnnotated Bibliography of the Smaller Cetacea, Gale Research Co.  HC.  $37.
Whales Research Institute (1948-1984) 44-year run (nearlycomplete). Scientific Reports of theWhales Research Institute, vols. 1-35 (complete, except missing volumes 13,38, and 39; bound in blue buckram).  $775.
Wheeler, J.F.G. (1930) The age of fin whales at physicalmaturity with a note on multiple ovulations. Discovery Reports, 2, 403-434.  PB. $18.
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