[MARMAM] Announcing Workshop on Sea Pen Sanctuaries at SMMC 2015

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Dear Friends and Colleagues - This is to let you know about an exciting
workshop organized by myself and Naomi Rose on sea pen sanctuaries for



Lori Marino


Sea-Pen Sanctuaries: Progressing Towards Better Welfare for Captive

Date/Time: Saturday, December 12, 2015; 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Organizers and contact email: Lori Marino ( <mailto:Marinolori at outlook.com>
Marinolori at outlook.com) and Naomi Rose ( <mailto:naomi at awionline.org>
naomi at awionline.org)

Description: In this full-day workshop we will explore the potential for the
development of sea-pen, retirement sanctuaries or refuges for captive
cetaceans in North America. In light of increasingly strong evidence for a
failure to thrive in captive cetacean facilities (dolphinariums), a growing
number of scientists and other cetacean welfare experts support a
science-based plan for transfer of cetaceans from dolphinariums to sea-pen

Sea-pen sanctuaries would provide a more autonomous life for cetaceans who
are currently on display and trained to perform and used in captive breeding
programs in dolphinariums. But there are currently no established sea-pen
sanctuaries for orcas or other cetaceans anywhere in North America. The lack
of such sanctuaries restricts the feasibility of arguments to progress to
this next phase of captive cetacean welfare.

In this workshop we will explore the critical elements needed for an effort
to establish North American sea-pen sanctuaries for orcas and other
cetaceans by bringing together experts in marine mammal science and
veterinary practice, training and husbandry, law, engineering, sanctuary
accreditation, including marine mammal captivity experts, who will provide
insights and discuss realistic steps towards achieving this overall goal.

The first half of the workshop will include brief presentations,
highlighting relevant components of this effort, followed by an afternoon
session devoted to substantive discussion of critical issues, both
logistical and theoretical.

Confirmed and tentative participants include:
. Lori Marino, Naomi Rose (co-organizers), Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara,
Julie Woodyer, Dave Phillips, Don Baur (tentative), Michael Parks
(tentative), Michael Gosliner (tentative), Pierre Gallego (tentative),
Courtney Vail, John Hargrove. Others TBD.

Cost: $80 (Early Bird); $90 (After September 15, 2015)



Lori Marino, Ph.D.

Executive Director

The Kimmela Center for Animal Advocacy

4100 Kanab Canyon Road

Kanab, Utah 84741

(435) 644-4436

lorimarino at kimmela.org


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