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Seiche International Underwater Acoustics in the Marine Environment 3 day
July 28-30th 2015
Perth, Australia

This 3 day course equips delegates with a thorough knowledge of the
fundamentals of underwater acoustics. It then focuses on developing clear,
quantitative understanding of the issues involved in the impact
of acoustics on marine wildlife.

*Course Modules*

Introduction to Acoustics & Underwater Acoustics
Key Quantities, Units & Dimensions
Reflection & Transmission at Boundaries
Ocean Environments – The Seas
Man-Made Noise in the Ocean
Hearing Response of Marine Wildlife
Biological Sources of Sound
Impacts of Noise on Marine Life
Sound Field Modelling
Methods of Assessment of Impacts
Environmental Stream Tutorial
Environmental Regulation & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Explosive & Impulsive Sources
Mitigation of the Effects of Sound of Marine Wildlife
Emerging Studies
Introduction to Environmental & Man Made Noise in the Ocean
Marine Seismic Sources
Introduction to Marine Seismic Imaging
Seismic Data Processing & Modelling
Vessel Radiated Noise
Noise Measurement – Shallow Water
The Fundamentals of Sonar

Dr Paul Lepper will lead this Underwater Acoustics in the Marine
Environment course. Paul specializes in underwater acoustics, bioacoustics
and underwater technologies, including acoustic and
optical underwater systems, sound field measurement, modelling and
simulation. He has been working on assessing hearing abilities of marine
mammals, the acoustic impact of noise on marine fauna, assessing noise from
small leisure craft, offshore windfarm developments and petroleum
platforms, the use of deterrents, systems for long-term noise field
assessment and passive detection of marine species and the use of various
propagation models for sound field assessment.

*Who is it for?*

Regulators, environmental consultants and policy/environmental
professionals within industry. The course will be particularly useful in
providing a better understanding of reports that delegates either have to
deliver or receive from clients.


This course has been granted official CPD recognition by the Institute of
Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST).


$3,400 AUD

For more information and details, contact Sarah Hancock, Seiche Training,
using s.hancock at seiche.com
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