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The BDRI (Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute) is pleased to announce opportunities are now open for participants to join our new research project about dolphins' communication in Spain for a duration of 10 days between July and November 2015. 
This new research project <http://www.thebdri.com/research/acoustics.html> offers a unique learning experience for those passionate about dolphins' behaviour and social lifes and who want to contribute to increasing the knowledge. This research project not only offers an insight into the work that our centre is carrying out, about cetaceans research in general, but it also gives you hands-on experience in both laboratory and field work, including bioacoustics. 
Volunteers, in effect, become dolphin researchers for the duration of the survey; working aboard the BDRI's research vessel, assisting with day-to-day running, as well as working together as a team to carry out visual and acoustic surveys.  To find out more about the BDRI research please click here <http://www.thebdri.com/research/index.html>.  
There is a monetary value attached to participating which includes accommodation in an apartment with part of the research team and expenses derived of your participation throughout the duration (electricity, wifi connection). The income generated allows BDRI to carry out this new research programme, you can be assured that without your contribution this type of research couldn't be undertaken. To commemorate the 10th aniversary of the BDRI we are offering a 50% discount for students in the Volunteering fee.
The research project focuses on common bottlenose dolphins communication in the Arousa Firth, Atlantic waters, Spain. Dolphins are an extremely vocal mammalian family and vocal communication plays an important role in mediating social interactions.  The aims of this new study are: (i) to quantify and describe the entire vocal repertoire of these different bottlenose dolphin populations, (ii) to examine the behavioral context in which specific social signals are produced, and (iii) to analyze the vocal production characteristics according to the different populations in the wild.
Participants have the opportunity to join the research team and have a hands-on and participatory experience working from BDRI's research vessel whilst being based at the BDRI's Research Station in the beautiful town of O Grove. Volunteers will receive a detailed training in research procedures at the beginning and during the volunteering period. Daily procedures are strongly dependent on current weather conditions. Daily area surveys usually last between 4 and 5 hours, but can sometimes last up to 10 hours. Participants will assist in collecting data on the acoustics, behaviour, and habitat use of this resident population of bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, in some situations we could study the behaviour and acoustics of harbour porpoises or common dolphins of which can be seen often in the study area. Upon returning to the research base, the participant helps out in storing and sorting the collected data as well as boat and equipment maintenance. During bad weather the volunteers will work together with researchers on data sorting and data analysis. 
During the time off. Time off can be spent visiting the nearby towns and small traditional fishermen villages, or simply enjoying the sun, swimming and relaxing. For those wanting watersports, BDRI has agreement with a surfing school that offers discounts to BDRI volunteers for surfing and paddle surf, etc. There are many activities in O Grove: bird-watching along the Arousa inlet, glassed bottomed boat rides where you can watch various sea fauna. For the night leisure time there are many possibilities, you can wander into the town at night and have a drink in one of the many pubs or a seafood feast at one of the many restaurants. O Grove is 45 minutes away from Santiago de Compostela. People from all over the world come to visit the city every year, many of them reaching the end of the Way of Saint James pilgrimage route.
No previous experience is required and all training and equipment will be provided to volunteers. The most important requirements for any participant are; enthusiasm, the ability and willingness to learn and work under often difficult (but rewarding) field conditions and the open-mindedness to work, live and communicate with other people of mixed nationalities and backgrounds. You will be one of the important people who will leave this centre with a real perspective of bottlenose dolphins and the ability to spread the knowledge about these very often misunderstood animals. It is a great satisfaction to have truly interested people help and learn with us, that with the time here understands the real meaning of our work. The BDRI Volunteering program is focusing on public awareness regarding bottlenose dolphin’s research and conservation. Besides gaining hands-on experience and helping in our work – we believe that the true help of a volunteer is to gain understanding.
We have positions available on numerous expeditions between June and November 2015:  
2015 Survey Dates:
*    22nd June - 01st July; Euro 1000, Students fee EURO 500 *    02nd July - 11th July; Euro 1100, Students fee EURO 550 *    27th July - 5th August; Euro 1100, Students fee EURO 550*    06th - 15th August; Euro 1100, Students fee EURO 550*    16th - 24th August; Euro 1100, Students fee EURO 550*    25th August - 03rd September; Euro 1100, Students fee EURO 550*    04th - 13th September; Euro 1000, Students fee EURO 500*    14th - 23rd September; Euro 1000, Students fee EURO 500*    24th September - 03rd October; Euro 950, Students fee EURO 475*    05th - 14th October; Euro 950, Students fee EURO 475
Please check our website <www.thebdri.com> or email us directly at info(at)thebdri.com <info at thebdri.com> for more information, prices and dates.Thank you, and hope to see you this season!
Kind Regards 
Bruno Diaz LopezChief Biologist & DirectorThe Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRIAv. Beiramar 192, 36980 O Grove, Pontevedra, Spainwww.thebdri.comtel. 0034 605 521441
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