[MARMAM] Internships for Summer and Fall 2015: Cascadia Research Collective

Kiirsten Flynn KFlynn at cascadiaresearch.org
Thu Jun 4 11:27:50 PDT 2015

Cascadia Research Collective in Olympia, Washington is looking for interns for summer and fall 2015 for two different projects!

We are seeking interns to help with our U.S. west coast projects and our Hawaii research! (Both internships are office based positions in Olympia, Washington.)

Cascadia gives priority to those seeking internships for college/university credit as well as to those who can commit full time (40 hours a week). We prefer those students who are considered a junior or senior in college with some science classes in their background, or for those seeking to go to or are in graduate school in a marine science field. These positions are unpaid and at this time we are not able to house anyone. The internships are generally three months in length and Cascadia is currently filling positions for the summer and fall of 2015 (June-August and September-November).  International applicants will be considered, but is the responsibility of the applicant to acquire necessary visas and documentation.

Photo identification requires a high degree of focus and attention to detail, and interns can expect to spend the majority of their time comparing photographs.

Successful applicants should have the following skills:

- strong communication skills

- focus and attention to detail

- willingness to spend long hours in front of a computer

- ability to work independently

US West Coast Research

Interns with Cascadia's US west coast interns most often assist staff on our long-term photo-ID studies baleen whales, for example humpback, blue, and gray whales off the US West Coast and the inside waters of Washington state.  In this capacity, interns will be expected to spend a large portion of their time comparing photographs to our existing catalogs, and may additionally be involved in digital image processing, data entry, and tasks related to historical catalog maintenance.  However, depending upon the season there may also be some opportunities to assist staff in field data collection and in addition, interns will assist staff in stranding response in Washington state as they come up. This includes participation in beach surveys, data and specimen collection, data entry, and assisting in necropsies of both pinnipeds and cetaceans. Responses may involve hiking into remote areas and carrying heavy loads, and participants should be comfortable with the sight of blood, and strong, unpleasant odors.

Hawai'i Research

Interns will assist staff on long-term studies on a variety of species of odontocetes (e.g., false killer whales, beaked whales) in Hawaii. Much of this work involves using photographic identification, a non-invasive technique that uses natural markings unique to each individual. By photographing and cataloging these markings, we can identify animals and study their behavior, movements, and population structures over extended periods of time. For more information on Hawaii projects, please visit: http://www.cascadiaresearch.org/Hawaii/hawaii.htm

If you are interested in interning with Cascadia with please check out our web site and send a CV and a letter of interest that describes why you are applying for the position and how the experience will help you be successful in meeting long-term goals.

For a US west coast project internship please send the information to:

Kiirsten Flynn: kflynn at cascadiaresearch.org<mailto:kflynn at cascadiaresearch.org>

For Hawai'i project internship please send the information to:

Sabre Mahaffy: mahaffys at cascadiaresearch.org<mailto:mahaffys at cascadiaresearch.org>

If you would like to be considered for either, please indicate that in your letter and send to both.

For more information about Cascadia Research Collective and our research please visit:


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