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Dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce we will be running a full-day workshop entitled
"Breaching Disciplines: Integrating Marine Mammal Social-Ecological
Research and Management" at the Biennial in San Francisco on Saturday,
December 12th from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.  We would like to encourage anyone with
interest in marine mammal social-ecological integration to attend.   This
workshop focuses on interdisciplinarity in the hopes that it will help
elucidate the importance for integrating social science in marine mammal
research and to focus on key avenues for social science research in the
Society. The goal for this workshop is to produce a document related to the
outcomes of the workshop.

See full description of the workshop below or on the SMM conference website

Registration for the workshop should be done through the conference
The registration fee is US $80.00 if registered prior to September 15,
2015.  If you register after the 15th the registration fee increases to US
$90.00, so make sure to sign up early.

If you have any questions about the workshop please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,
Carlie S. Wiener, Heather Heenehan, and David W. Johnston

 *Breaching Disciplines: Integrating Marine Mammal Social-Ecological
Research and Management*

Socio-economic integration into ecological sciences in the framework of
marine mammal research is often presented in an abstract manner, which
lacks context for use in management decision making. This full-day workshop
will address important challenges and questions in coupled human and
natural systems, emphasizing key theory-based principals related to
human-marine mammal case studies. The workshop will be divided into a
morning session focused on research connected to the late Elinor Ostrom’s
common pool resource theory and an afternoon session examining human
attitudes and perceptions centered on marine mammal-human relationships. In
both the morning and afternoon sessions critical examples of social,
economic, cultural, political and behavioral components of marine mammal
management, science, and policy will be central to discussions.
Participants will have the opportunity to engage in two dynamic and
engaging sessions exploring how important social theory principals can
inform marine mammal research and better bridge the gap between human
dimensions and natural sciences research. This progressive workshop will
highlight human-animal conflict, marine mammal valuation, and
oral-historical research, amongst other topics. This workshop aims to
provide an open forum of shared learning experiences with people involved
in research, management and a general interest in marine mammal
social-ecological integration, and will include breakout discussions
centered around theory-based case studies presented throughout the
workshop. Opportunities for idea exchange in cross-disciplinary fields will
be offered through group activity and participation in active discussion
concerning future research needs. The morning session will be focused on
research related to common pool resource theory and the afternoon session
devoted to human attitudes and perceptions research associated with marine
mammal-human conflict issues. Four to five different experts will be
brought into each session to present on a case study, followed by in-depth
breakout discussions guided by each case study.
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