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VAQ Stranding Response Intern
The Virginia Aquarium’s Research & Conservation Division is now accepting Stranding Response Intern applications for fall 2015. There are two positions available. One of the positions will assist with an on-going marine mammal stomach content analysis project and the other position with assist with team outreach opportunities. The application deadline is August 15, 2015. Please note that all internships are non-compensatory and intern housing is not provided by the Virginia Aquarium.
Duties: Assist with dead and live stranding response of marine mammals and sea turtles. This includes, but is not limited to, necropsies, data and sample collection, animal disposal, cleaning, office organization, data entry and management, live animal husbandry, working with volunteer team members and staff and other activities as assigned. Review a full list of duties included below:

·         Assist in stranding response for dead marine mammals and sea turtles in the field and at the Stranding Center. Work may be done under adverse weather conditions.

  *   Assist in the collection of Level A data for the National Marine Fisheries Service.
  *   Participate in post mortem data collection and necropsies.
  *   Assist in care for animals during rehabilitation including, but not limited to, food prep, feeding, cleaning (mopping floor, washing dirty laundry, vacuuming tanks, washing dishes, etc.), tank repairs, and other husbandry duties.
  *   Assist with public outreach and education events.
  *   Assist with volunteer and cooperator trainings.
  *   Assist staff with daily administrative tasks including answering phones, taking messages, preparing volunteers for response, and data entry.
  *   Other duties as assigned by Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response staff.
  *   Specific to stomach content analysis project: Assist the project lead with on-going bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) stomach content analysis project which includes: extraction of otoliths from fish, measurement of fish and otoliths and delivery of a 15 minute presentation for the stranding staff and volunteers.
  *   Specific to outreach: Assist the outreach coordinator with team outreach opportunities which includes: researching new opportunities, recruiting and scheduling volunteers for events, maintaining display materials, participating at events and delivery of a 15 minute presentation for stranding staff and volunteers.
Qualifications: Applicants must: 1) be at least 18 years of age; 2) be able to and comfortable with driving full-sized pick-up trucks; 3) be in good physical condition and able to lift over 40 pounds; 4) be able to work in adverse conditions; 5) be completing this internship for college credit. Applicants must commit to 10 weeks and work well both independently and as part of a team. Candidates should be self-motivated, articulate, mature, reliable, responsible and able to take, as well as give direction. Internships are open to undergraduate and graduate students. Preference is given to students who have completed their sophomore year and are working towards credit for a degree in science. A background in biology and familiarity with stranding response is preferred but not required. Applicants who are interested in applying but will not be seeking college credit may be considered for an apprenticeship position.

Requirements: Interns are expected to work 24 hours a week (three eight-hour days) for 10 consecutive weeks without exception. Housing and transportation cannot be provided. Most of the animals the Stranding Center works with are dead (approximately 95%) and most are decomposing. The center may get multiple strandings per day in the peak season. This is a position that requires a strong nose, stomach and mental state. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! Please consider this before applying.

A complete Stranding Response Intern application packet must include the following required components:

  *   Cover Letter
  *   Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center Internship application form (http://www.virginiaaquarium.com/join/Documents/Intern-Application-Form.pdf)
  *   (2) Letters of Recommendation (one must be from an academic instructor)
  *   Statement of Intent: (1) page describing how the intern applicant intends to use the internship experience to assist in career or academic goals.
  *   Resume
  *   Official College Transcript(s)
Forward your completed application packet to:
Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center
717 General Booth Boulevard
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
Attn: Volunteer Resources Office - Intern Applicant
OR email complete application packet to aquavols at virginiaaquarium.com<mailto:aquavols at virginiaaquarium.com>

Erin Bates
Stranding Technician & Volunteer/Intern Coordinator
Virginia Aquarium Stranding Response Program
757-385-6481 (desk)
757-437-4933 (fax)
757-385-7575 (stranding hotline)
ebates at virginiaaquarium.com<mailto:ebates at virginiaaquarium.com>

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