[MARMAM] LAST CALL: Seeking information on low visibility real-time monitoring techniques

Ursula Verfuss ukv at smruconsulting.com
Mon Jul 13 02:07:13 PDT 2015

Dear MARMAM-list editors,

I was assuming that the below email would have been sent out to the list last Friday or Saturday. As the deadline referred to the end of last week, I changed that sentence from "end of this week" to "end of last week" in the text below and would kindly ask you to forward this current email to the list instead of the one I sent 10 July 2015 13:41.

Thanks so much!


Dear MARMAMers,

Thank you to everyone who responded to our first call, and to those who forwarded the call to potential responders!
We were approached with a few questions that came up regularly which we would like to clarify in this last call.


This project is reviewing and evaluating monitoring methods that can readily or in the near future be used in conditions where marine mammal observers (MMOs) cannot visually detect marine mammals for mitigation purposes.

The purpose of this study is to identify specific technologies that are currently available  and may be used for future field trials sponsored by either the IOGP-JIP or individual companies and to identify potential areas as well as  (future) technologies that require further development in order to provide or improve effectiveness of new low-visibility monitoring technology for use during marine seismic surveys. The project report will provide a listing of venders, developers and suppliers of these equipment and services which will be made available to a wide variety of Oil & Gas companies. If you would not like to be named then your information can be anonymised.

We would be grateful to anyone filling in our questionnaires<http://www.smruconsulting.com/locations/europe/low-visibility-real-time-monitoring/> within the next days - deadline was end of last week, but we will leave the questionnaires open for a few more days.

Please let me know if you would like your equipment or company to be included but cannot fill in the questionnaires in time - we will find a solution.

Thank you!


Dear MARMAMers,
We are currently working on a project entitled "Comparison of low visibility real-time monitoring techniques and identification of potential areas of further development for the detection of marine mammals at sea during E&P activities offshore" funded by the Joint Industry Programme on E&P Sound and Marine Life - Phase III (IOGP-JIP).
We are looking for developers, suppliers and users of real-time low visibility monitoring equipment that is or might currently or in future be suitable for detecting marine mammals and other large marine animals for mitigation purposes. If you are amongst (at least) one of those, we would be extremely interested and grateful if you would be willing to dedicate some of your time to answering some of the questionnaires we set up on this website:
If you would rather answer these questions on a phone call or by sending us leaflets containing such information please go ahead and let us know! We are happy to phone you or pull information out of material you send us. If you wish to send us anything please email me on ukv(at)smruconsulting.com.
Your answers will enable us to review and evaluate the capabilities and viabilities of existing and developing low visibility mitigation monitoring methods and systems. The results of this review including an overview over the systems will be published in a report to the IOGP-JIP.
Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Sincere greetings,


Dr Ursula Verfuß
Senior Scientist


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