[MARMAM] Call for volunteers on cetacean abundance and behaviour study in the Antalya Bay, Turkey

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There are new volunteer positions available on cetacean abundance and behaviour study in the Antalya Bay, TurkeyTHE PROJECT    Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) founded for the purpose of contributing to the scientific knowledge on marine mammals for the conservation of marine biodiversity and increasing the public awareness in the area. Despite the large cetacean biodiversity, there haven't been any long term studies in the Turkish part of the Levantine Sea. Therefore, the project aims to fulfill the gaps of missing long term studies in the area by conducting consisting and systematic research on cetacean abundance, distribution, behaviour and site fidelity. This project provides an excellent opportunity for cetologists, students and individuals interested in getting more experience and knowledge in the field of marine mammal research
OPEN POSITION    We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and hard-working individuals to join our team. We have places starting from August for the whole year of 2015. Min commitment is two months.     Volunteers will be responsible on collecting and entering sighting and behaviour data during boat and land surveys as well as organising pictures for photo-ID. Volunteers will be trained on setting up the theodolite and how to use it, taking dolphin pictures, identifying dolphin individuals and using various softwares as in Pythagoras, Logger and Imatch. If volunteers stay more than three months, they will be trained on GIS and SPSS as well.
    The working hours vary from 6-12 hours per day and the day starts early. The typical week is divided in 3 days of fieldwork, 1-2 days of office work. 
    This position is unpaid and requires a contribution fee (August=850 Euro and rest of the months are 700 Euro) which covers your accommodation, transportation during the project and project activities. Food cost will be at each responsibility (which is around 75 euro per month or less).
    Please send a cover letter and a CV to info at dmad.org.tr. 
    For more information, visit www.dmad.org.tr or email us.
Dr. Aylin Akkaya BaşProject DirectorDeniz Memelileri Araştırma Derneği (DMAD)Marine Mammals Research Association+90 5337739867info at dmad.org.trtDMAD | DENİZ MEMELİLERİ ARAŞTIRMA DERNEĞİ
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