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Manatee in Puerto Rico, USA

July 30-August 10, 2015

The Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center (MCERC) is offering a 12 day
field intensive program; Experimental Design in Feeding Ecology of Marine
Mammals. No experience necessary. Undergrads, newly graduated, grad
students, and anybody seeking field experience are welcome to participate.

Manatee are an endangered marine species endemic to coastal areas,
including Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean Sea. Participants will design and
test a field experiment aimed at understanding the challenges of studying
marine mammals, while taking advantage of the close proximity of West
Indian Manatee for observations from land as a starting point.

Participants will formulate hypotheses based on a literature review,
construct methods designed to predict where manatee can be observed around
the island, learn to use equipment aimed at measuring environmental data,
and methods of measuring and recording observations of manatee foraging
behaviors, identify and quantify resources associated with manatee
habitats, construct tools for the field as needed, and test their
hypotheses by traveling to sites around the island setting up observation
platforms where manatee are predicted to be foraging.

This 12 day field intensive program includes round table, instructor-led
discussions each evening with a review of relevant publications. We will
also discuss and compare the challenges of designing experiments to answer
questions about the feeding ecology of several marine mammal species.
Applications of passive acoustic monitoring, and the use of drones in the
study of feeding ecology will also be included in round table discussions.

Cost of each session is $1600USD. The program fee includes a bed, meals,
and snacks at the field house in San German, PR., program curriculum,
travel to and from all field sites, and equipment or supplies needed for
observations. We will be sure to make time for snorkeling in some of the
most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico (snorkel gear provided, if needed).
Travel to and from Puerto Rico is not included in the program fee. Ask
about free transportation to and from the Ponce airport.

To register for this program go to MCERC’s Education Hub at
www.Marine-Eco.org/mcerc-moodle and fill out the Simple Application Form.
Follow the detailed instructions and e-mail the form for access to
enrollment on a first come, first served basis.  Registration is easy and

Questions? Use our “contact for on the MCERC website at www.Marine-Eco.org
or write to Mithriel at Marine-Eco.org or Cathyebacon at Marine-Eco.org.

You can preview our field sites by viewing our photo gallery at

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