[MARMAM] Call for papers on European marine megafauna

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Fri Jul 3 00:49:48 PDT 2015

/Call for Papers from Observatoire PELAGIS (University of La Rochelle / 
CNRS) and French Agency for Marine Protected Areas (AAMP)/

*Abundance, distribution and habitats of Atlantic and Mediterranean 
marine megafauna*
/Special Issue in Deep-Sea Part II (Topical Studies in Oceanography)/

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to submit manuscripts to a Deep Sea Research–II 
topical issue on European marine megafauna. Marine megafauna, here 
defined as sea mammals, birds, reptiles and large fishes, share common 
conservation challenges and can be considered as indicators of the state 
of the marine environment. In recent years there has been a considerable 
increase in research effort devoted to marine megafauna in ecosystemic 
and management-oriented approaches. The societal demand for such an 
outlook was dramatically reinforced by the recent implementation of the 
Marine Strategy Framework Directive aimed at maintaining or restoring 
Good Environmental Status of European waters, of which marine megafauna 
is a key element. We therefore found it extremely timely to gather 
recent research on marine megafauna in a topical issue of Deep Sea 
Research, part II (DSR-II). The goal of this topical issue is (1) to 
document seasonal variations in abundance, distribution and habitats of 
marine megafauna, and to (2) understand underlying oceanographic and 
anthropogenic processes, in order to (3) inform management and 
conservation decisions. Relevance to understanding structures and 
processes, and potential to inform management will be key considerations 
in selecting successful papers. A focus will be given to the Atlantic 
and Mediterranean marine strategy framework directive (MSFD) 
sub-regions. Methodological papers (study design or analysis) may be 
considered as well, but please contact guest editors first.

Our goal is to have this issue published by autumn 2016. To meet this 
target date, manuscripts, must be submitted to the Guest Editors (listed 
below) before December 1, 2015. Articles will be reviewed following the 
normal procedures of DSR-II, so that all accepted and revised 
manuscripts can be sent to Deep-Sea Research-II Chief Editor in late 
July 2016 at the latest. Papers accepted well before this deadline will 
be made available online prior to this deadline and could be cited 
through their DOI. If you are interested in contributing within the 
mentioned time schedule, please contact one of the Guest Editors for 
further details.

There are no page charges for papers published within the topical issue. 
Colour illustrations are free of charge for the electronic version, but 
inclusion of colour illustrations in the printed version will be 
charged. Black and white figures are free of charges in all cases. 
Authors can provide a set of colour figures for the electronic version 
and a set of black and white figures for the printed version.

All submitted papers must be clearly written in standard scientific 
English and contain only original work, which has not been published or 
submitted elsewhere. Papers must not exceed 10,000 words including 
figures, tables and references. Shorter manuscripts are welcome as well. 
A detailed submission guideline is available as “Guide to Authors” at 
Deep-Sea Research II homepage. All manuscripts and any supplementary 
material should be submitted through the Elsevier Editorial System 
(ees.elsevier.com/dsr2/). Once logged in, please select “SI: European 
Marine Megafauna” when prompted to choose article type.

Guest Editors

Vincent Ridoux (vincent.ridoux at univ-lr.fr)
Jérôme Spitz (jerome.spitz at univ-lr.fr)
Matthieu Authier (matthieu.authier at univ-lr.fr)
Aurélie Blanck (aurelie.blanck at aires-marines.fr)

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