[MARMAM] Mysteries and negligence: The state of cetaceans in kuwait waters

Yusuf Bohadi y.bohadi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 22:38:23 PST 2015

A new summary of the cetacean incidents that occurred in Kuwait in the past
2 years is available.


Many are the marine mammal species that can be found inshore and throughout
the local waters of Kuwait. These range from finless proposes, to dolphins
such as the common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, killer whales, to baleen
whales, such as bryde's whales and blue whales.

Most of these animals show seasonal appearances, or accidentally find
themselves trapped in the Arabian/Persian gulf area, and end up washing on
shore. One species however has made the waters of Kuwait it’s home on both
the northern and southern parts of the Kuwaiti shores. And one
report explains that the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin is an animal that
has shown consistent  presence in these waters all year around. They also
suggest that these animals exhibit seasonal migrations between the northern
and southern grounds annually.

Other than a handful of such scientific documentation, much of the opinions
and advancements in this field here in Kuwait are lacking due to the
absence of a general authority on the matter, or are correct in their own
right but were conceived pre-maturely due to haste in presenting a word for
the press.

Such cases proving this claim present themselves irregularly in the form of
stranding animals across the Kuwaiti shores.

Listed below are records from the local papers of such incidents in the
past 2 years. Each report shows the facts documented and the different
responses that were in the form of environmentalists’s accusations and
attempts from public authorities to asses the situation. For each incident
listed is also an attempt to examine the evidence presented scientifically
and prove of disprove the claims and/or responses.

Please contact this email for the full report.: y.bohadi at gmail.com

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