[MARMAM] Whale breaching: pictures and video sequences wanted

Jeremy Goldbogen jgoldbogen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 12:13:02 PST 2015


We are seeking video footage and pictures of large whale breaching events.
We are currently studying the mechanics of breaching using animal-attached
movement tags, but we are interested in complementing these data with a
large number of pictures and a few exemplar video sequences of breaches (as
defined by Whitehead, 1985) to determine the maximum proportion of the body
that exits the water for different species. We are especially interested in
pictures of breaches from larger species that exhibit this behavior less
often (i.e. other than humpbacks), including large beaked whales, large
baleen whales, and sperm whales. All contributors will be acknowledged and
extensive contributors have the potential of joining as co-author on a
future manuscript if there is also an intellectual contribution.


Jeremy Goldbogen
Assistant Professor, Hopkins Marine Station
Department of Biology, Stanford University
120 Ocean View Boulevard
Pacific Grove, California 93950
jergold at stanford.edu
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