[MARMAM] Research Volunteers are Needed for the Cetacean Fauna Study in Antalya Bay, Turkey

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Wed Jan 21 05:53:57 PST 2015

Doyou what to be a part of ground breaking research we have a perfect positionfor you.

The Project:

Weare a new NGO in the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, Marine Mammals Research Association(Deniz Memelileri Araştırma Derneği (DMAD)) is aimed at studying cetaceanbiodiversity of the Antalya Bay by gathering data on the fauna description,distribution and habitats. So far, 9 cetacean species were recorded,included bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, common dolphins, Risso'sdolphins, Cuvier's beaked whale and even in some rare occasions whales such asthe fin whale and sperm whale.  Despite this large biodiversity there haven’tbeen many studies on this region so there is a big gap on the data available.Therefore, the project aims to fulfill the gaps of missing long-term studies inthe area by collecting data on cetacean fauna. This project provides anexcellent opportunity for students and individuals interested in getting moreexperience and knowledge in the field of marine mammal research.

Duties and Opportunities 

Weare looking for volunteers for position of Assistant researcher for the nextsurvey season. The Assistant researchers will be responsible for: (1)Collecting sighting and behavioral data, (2) Organizing photo-ID and (3)entering data.  

Asa researcher you will have access to intensive training and mentoring:  (1) in marine mammals biodiversity, (2)photo-ID, (3) statistics and (4) GIS. You will also get hands on experience inmarine mammal id, boat based and land based observation, marine mammalbehavior, etc. There will be opportunities for longer boat based observationsaboard vessels; these may take two or three days at the time whenever they areavailable.

Asa Research Assistant you should expect long working days in the field (from 6to 12 hours per day), and expect to wake up very early (around 4:30 a.m.).The work will be carried under adverse weathers conditions. The typical week isdivided in 3 days of fieldwork 2 days of office work and 2 days for you toenjoy the lovely Turkish Riviera and the city of Antalya. 


Assistantresearcher have to be able to live and work with others in a multi culturalteam, have a strong desire to work with marine mammals under any weatherconditions and maintain a professional and hardworking attitude.

Thepositions are unpaid and request a contribution from the participants. As anewly formed NGO, the DMAD is a self-funded center and as such it stillrequires a contribution from the assistant researcher in order to fullyfunction. This will be a contribution of 500Euro per month and it coversaccommodation (food cost will be at each responsibility, although this is a lowexpense and should be around 80$ month or less), your contribution will alsoaid in renting the vessels and renting equipment. 

Plussuccessful applicants will be responsible for their own transportation to andfrom Antalya-Turkey.

Positionsfor this season are open starting in March-2015. The minimum commitment time is1 month but longer times have priority. 

Applicants should send a short email introducingthemselves to akkayaaylin at yahoo.com. The email should include an outline of why you would like to work on thisproject. Please also attach a brief CV. There is no deadline to apply.However, approved applications are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis.

Cheers,Aylin Akkaya Bas

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