[MARMAM] Course for Graduate Students: Cetacean Acoustics

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Mon Jan 19 05:25:23 PST 2015

Course for Graduate Students: Cetacean Acoustics
(March. 3 to 13; Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Course for up to 8 (eight) graduate students in Sao Paulo, Brazil organized
by the Instituto Oceanografico - Universidade de São Paulo (IOUSP) with the
support of Fundacao de Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo (FAPESP).

Ph. D. Laura Kloepper (National Science Foundation funded Postdoctoral
Fellow at Brown University and Visiting Scholar Appointment in the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of
Massachusetts Dartmouth; www.laurakloepper.net) will be visiting Brazil and
will share information on an important field of cetacean investigation.

The course is free of charge, except in the 5 last fieldwork days which
will include the amount of around U$ 100 to cover expenses of food and
accomodation taxes at the IOUSP research base at the Cananeia estuary.

The conceptual framework will be worked from March 3rd to 7th in the main
headquarters of the IOUSP in Sao Paulo, and fieldwork working with Guiana
dolphin acoustics will be done at the Cananeia estuary from Mar. 9th to
13th. Transportation to the field and back to Sao Paulo will be provided by
the IOUSP.

The main topics to be covered in this course are:

-- introduction to physics of underwater sounds
-- introduction to biology and anatomy of sound production in cetaceans
-- introduction to tools used to record sounds (hydrophones, amplifiers,
-- using arrays (localization, beam reconstruction, etc)
-- software to analyze sounds (focus on free software but also touch on
-- interpreting and understanding sounds: linking to mitigation and

It is a 60h course and may be used as credits to graduate courses.
Classes will be in English.

Interested students may get in touch with Prof. Marcos Santos
(sotalia at gmailcom) who will answer questions about subscriptions (to be
opened from February 1st to 24th; form and docs to be sent by e-mail) and
will help with indications on where to stay in Sao Paulo.
The ones who want to start searching a place to stay, there is
an interesting opportunity to spend less or no money when staying at
student's houses close to the university. Check at

Dr. Marcos C
sar de Oliveira Santos
rio de Biologia da Conserva
o de Mam
feros Aqu
ticos (LABCMA)
Departamento de Oceanografia Biol
Instituto Oceanogr
fico, Universidade de S
o Paulo
a do Oceanogr
fico, 191, Sala 145-A
, São Paulo, SP, Brasil.

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