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Dear MARMAM'ers,

WDC is delighted to announce the 2015 WDC Bharathi Viswanathan Award for Innovative and Non-Invasive Research. WDC strives to ensure that benign research methods are promoted as a guiding principle, both for the organisation and the researchers that we fund.

Up to £5,000 is available for the recipient of this annual award. The only restrictions that apply are that the project must utilize only non-invasive techniques and ultimately aim to benefit the conservation management or welfare of whales and/or dolphins.

Applications must be on a WDC Research Award Form (see website<http://uk.whales.org/wdc-in-action/wdc-award-for-innovative-and-non-invasive-research>) and will be accepted at any time until the closing date, mid-day (GMT) February 14th 2015. The Award recipient will be chosen by March 14th 2015.

Through this Award, WDC aims to showcase non-invasive research methodologies, highlighting the fact that many of these methods provide scientific data of excellent quality, whilst also promoting the development of innovative and non-invasive approaches towards studying cetaceans.

Please visit our website for more details and application forms.

Good luck,

[WDC - Whale and Dolphin Conservation]<http://www.whales.org>

Nicola Hodgins
Head of science and research

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