[MARMAM] New publication on the Operational interactions between South American sea lions and gillnet fishing in southern Brazil

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Dear MARMAM readers,

We are pleased to announce our new publication:

H.A.; SICILIANO, S.; OLIVEIRA, L.R. 2015. Operational interactions between
South American sea lions and gillnet fishing in southern Brazil. *Aquatic
Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems*.DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2554


1. This study describes operational interactions between coastal gillnet
fishing and South American sea lions

(Otaria flavescens) off the southern Brazilian coast.

2. In total, 263 onboard surveys were carried out during three periods
between 1992 and 2012 in fishing boats

from two harbours on the northern coast of Rio Grande do Sul State: Passo
de Torres (29°19’S; 49°43’W) and

Imbé (29°58’S; 50°07’W).

3. Interactions of South American sea lions were observed in 116 (24.0%)
out of 484 fishing operations. These

interactions were more frequent in fishing boats from Passo de Torres
(frequency of occurrence FO = 42.8%) than

those from Imbé (FO = 14.8%; P < 0.001) and during autumn and winter months.

4. Interactions between South American sea lions and fishing activities
with fixed bottom gillnets in Imbé were

most frequent during period III of the study (2011/2012) (FO = 52.0%; P =

5. These results demonstrated that interactions are not as high as
reported/complained about by the local

fishermen who tend to exaggerate the impact of these interactions.

6. It is suggested that reduced fish stock and increased fishing effort
during recent decades is raising the

frequency of encounters with South American sea lions during fishing
activities off the southern Brazilian coast.

Therefore, the implementation of fishery management measures that reduce
fishing effort and that integrate

environmental education programmes are essential to reduce conflicts
between fishing activities and the sea lions

in the region.

You can access the paper here http:

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Rodrigo Machado

Grupo de Estudos de Mamíferos Aquáticos do Rio Grande do Sul (GEMARS).

Laboratório de Sistemática e Ecologia de Aves e Mamíferos Marinhos.
Departamento de Zoologia - UFRGS/IB. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil

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