[MARMAM] ECS Workshop: New mitigation methods and evolving acoustic exposure guidelines

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*ECS Workshop: New mitigation methods and evolving acoustic exposure

Malta,  March 21st 2015


*Cost: €20*

This workshop is offered by the MMOA (Marine Mammal Observer Association)
and New Zealand’s Department of Conservation. The purpose of the workshop
is to cover changes in technology and recently developed methods, and to
look at current methods used in mitigation with a view to improving or
enhancing marine mammal mitigation guidelines in New Zealand and
elsewhere.  The workshop will be structured around two sessions; the first
session will concentrate on novel technologies used in mitigation, while
the second will discuss mitigation guidelines for seismic surveys and other
activities and the roles these new technologies may play in them.  Experts
will present on a variety of topics including sound measurement,
multi-beam, thermal imaging, acoustic deterrents, PAM and the use of
streamers for PAM systems, acoustic exposure guidelines and soft start
procedures. The workshop will end with a discussion which will consider how
these methods may be used to improve mitigation, how they may be
implemented and lastly guideline improvements.

We recognise that we will not be aware of all emerging technologies and new
data on mitigation effectiveness. We therefore welcome the submission of
posters on relevant topics for discussion during the breaks and in the
free-flowing session at the end of the day.

If you wish to present a poster at this workshop, please contact Frances
Robertson: frances.c.robertson at gmail.com

To register for this workshop please contact either:  Andrew Wright:
marinebrit at gmail.com   Or   Patrick Lyne: plyne1 at eircom.net

The workshop schedule is as follows:

*Noise measurement*
09:15 – 09:40:   Peter Ward, Kongsberg Maritime Ltd
PAM: Methods and Platforms for Underwater Noise Sensing

09:40 – 10:05    Paul Jepson,   Zoological Society of London
Final report of the Independent Scientific Review Panel investigating
potential contributing factors to a 2008 mass stranding of melon-headed
whales (Peponocephala electra) in Antsohihy, Madagascar

10:05 – 10:30    Gordon Hastie , SMRU, St Andrews University
The use of multi-beam in marine mammal research and mitigation; pitfalls
and possibilities

------------------------------------------- break 10:30  to 10:50

*Thermal Imaging*
10:50 – 11:15    Daniel Zitterbart, Alfred-Wegener Institute
Exploring the Thermal limits of Automatic Whale detection

*Acoustic deterrents*
11:15 – 11:40    Jonathan Gordon, SMRU, St Andrews University
Aversive Sound Mitigation to Reduce the Risk of Damage to Marine Mammals

*Passive Acoustic Monitoring*
11:40 – 12:05    Phil Johnston,  Seiche Instruments
Remote Passive Acoustic Monitoring (RPAM) for Mitigation

12:05 – 12:30    Doug Gillespie, SMRU, St Andrews University
Signal processing and analysis: detection, classification, localization and

--------------------------------------------  Lunch Break

13:30 – 13:55    Matthieu Gouriou, Sercel
QuietSea new PAM system.

13:55 – 14:20    Morten Svendsen, Western Geco
Whalewatcher: new PAM system

*Acoustic Exposure Guidelines*

14:20 – 14:45    Karen Hall, JNCC
Analysis of MMO data and soft starts.

14:45 – 15:10    Andrew Wright
Effectiveness of current guidelines.

------------------------------------------- break 15:10  to 15:30

15:30 – 17:00    Open discussion on guidelines effectiveness and how they
might be improved based on information presented.

Frances C. Robertson, PhD
*Wildlife Biologist*

*Marine Mammal Biologist*
Canada  (+1) 604 339 4967
USA        (+1) 360 420 4403

frances.c.robertson at gmail.com
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