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*NEW COURSE: Seiche PAM Level 2 26-29th May 2015, FSC Millport, Scotland,

This new three day course builds on Seiche’s Level 1 course to
develop practical PAM knowhow for troubleshooting problems, deployment and
more advanced use of PAMGuard for mitigation.

It is aimed at delegates with some PAM experience or who have completed
Level 1. A scientific background is preferred, ideally in biology and
marine sciences. The skills developed on the course can be applied to all
PAM equipment currently in the marketplace.

Delegates will have a mix of interactive sessions, lectures and hands-on
access to equipment.

The course begins by refreshing delegates’ knowledge on sound in water,
marine mammal acoustics, PAM and PAMGuard. It moves on to explore advanced
settings for identifying and localizing marine mammal species. This will
then be applied using real-life data for projects requiring mitigation –
such as shutdowns on seismic surveys.
How to troubleshoot problems with both hardware and software will be
covered, drawing on Seiche’s extensive experience of in-field support.
Delegates will be able to take a closer look at the inner workings of the
kit in a hands-on session. The course finishes with practical
demonstrations of the best deployment methods of PAM kit, with seismic
vessels specifically in mind.
Thorough support material is provided.
Modules covered:
• Sound in Water: a review
• PAM and PAMGuard: a review
• Identifying Marine Mammal Detections during Seismic Surveys
• Localizing Marine Mammal Detections during Seismic Surveys
• Advanced Settings of PAMGuard
• PAMGuard Software Troubleshooting
• Marine Mammal Vocalizations
• Report Writing for Marine Mammal Detections
• PAM Hardware: inner working of the kit
• Practical PAM Hardware: troubleshooting and repairing kit
• Deployment Methods and Troubleshooting
• Practical Deployment
Cost - £575 plus VAT includes 3 nights’ accommodation and meals at Millport
For more info and booking, go to
contact Sarah Hancock at s.hancock at seiche.com
<javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','s.hancock at seiche.com');>.

More info about Millport Field Studies Centre:
Located on the eastern shore of the Isle of Cumbrae in the Firth of Clyde,
FSC Millport is easily accessible with an 8 minute ferry crossing from the
mainland. It is one and a half hours from Glasgow and the airport by road
or train.
The centre offers a fantastic setting on the rocky shoreline and its varied
marine wildlife. Facilities onsite include comfortable accommodation,
relaxation spaces, aquarium, museum and a research library.
>From the centre it is possible to drive, bike, or walk to the island's main
town – Millport - to visit the local shops, pub and attractions. There is
also a watersports centre offering sailing or canoeing, which welcomes
watersports enthusiasts of all levels. The island is known as the Orchid
Isle and is also home to the smallest cathedral in Europe, it has wonderful
architecture and wildlife to explore.
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