[MARMAM] Florida PSO & PAM courses: 23-27 March

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*PSO and PAM courses, 23-27 March 2015 - Florida, USA*
*Run by Seiche Training and CSA*

*PSO course*

Protected Species Observer Training (BOEM & BSEE Compliant)

This 2 day interactive course is intended for people who wish to pursue a
career in marine mammal observation and mitigation for the offshore seismic
industry. The course has been designed to equip the delegates with a
thorough background knowledge of all aspects of working offshore.

Day 1 (classroom)
Introduction to Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles
Legislation within the Gulf of Mexico & Global Oceans
Introduction to Seismic Surveys
Permitting Requirements
Role of the PSO
Data Collection and Reporting

Day 2 (classroom)
Clues & Search Methods for Marine Mammals & Sea Turtles
Species Identification
Testing & Certification

*PAM course*

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Training

3 days of comprehensive ‘hands-on’ PAM training for delegates with a
scientific background in biology and marine sciences who have successfully
completed a certified PSO or MMO course.

Day 3 (classroom)
Sound In Water
Marine Mammals
Anthropogenic Noise in the Sea
Effects of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Mammals
Local Mitigation Guidelines
PAM Principles and the Role of the PAM Operator

Day 4 (classroom)
PAM Hardware & Operations
PAM Software
PAMGuard Workshop

Day 5 (on a vessel)
Set up and deployment of PAM systems and visual observer stations
Real-time mitigation and reporting

See http://www.seiche.com/topics/96-pso-pam-combined-course for more
details, registration and booking. Or contacts.hancock at seiche.com.
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