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EDMAKTUB ASSOCIATION <http://www.edmaktub.com/>

*Final reminder: The Fin whale season will SOON BEGIN in Catalan waters and
so will our Research Assistant Program! Don't miss out this unique
opportunity to join EDMAKTUB's scientific team for 7 days!*

7-Day Fin whale Research Assistant Program | Vilanova i la Geltrú,
Barcelona (SPAIN)

*Want to be part of a pioneer research project to study fin whales’
remarkable presence near Barcelona’s coast?*

*Interested in joining a scientific campaign while you enjoy seeing many
other cetacean species and seabirds in Mediterranean waters?*

We are seeking volunteers to assist in next year’s research campaign in the
catalan coast, between Barcelona and Tarragona (NW Mediterranean basin),
which will take place from mid-February to mid-June 2015, to study fin
whales’ use of Catalan waters in the are of Garraf (central-south
Catalonia) as a potential feeding station during their migrations across
the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first dedicated study that has ever been
conducted in this area, which includes the use of new non-invasive
techniques such as drones (used to obtain blow samples for genetic
studies). Last season we already had 62 fin whale sightings and 48
individuals photo-identified.

We invite you to join EDMAKTUB <http://www.edmaktub.com/>’s research team
for 7 days to participate in our ongoing research.

Volunteers will have the chance to enjoy the high marine biodiversity found
in the area, including: bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), striped
dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) and Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus);
many seabird species, some of which are endangered such as the Balearic
shearwater  (Puffinus mauretanicus), Mediterranean shearwater  (Puffinus
yelkouan), Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea), Atlantic puffin
arctica), and Northern gannet (Morus bassanus); different fish species
(such as sunfish, manta ray and blue-fin tuna); many invertebrates; and
sometimes even Loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta)!

FIN WHALE PROJECT <http://www.edmaktub.com/150-2/>

Our research campaigns focus on the monitoring of fin whale (Balaenoptera
physalus), the second largest species on earth and the only regular whale
in the Mediterranean, presence in Catalan waters (NW Mediterranean basin) using
visual vessel-based surveys.

We offer the opportunity to learn about marine species and habitats in the
study area; gain experience in field work and monitoring techniques
(including non-invasive techniques such as the use of drones to obtain blow
samples for genetic studies and the use of hydrophones for passive acoustic
studies), data processing and analysis. Assistants will also be able to
listen to vocalisations recorded in the field and help in the processing of
photos taken from sightings.

During their free time and when weather conditions are unfavourable for
boat surveys, volunteers will be able to visit Barcelona and enjoy its
vibrant cultural offer, as well as to enjoy a huge variety of wildlife
while doing some trekking and nature expeditions in Garraf’s Natural Park
(beautiful location where we’re based).

The campaign period will be divided into one-week sessions. A maximum of 6
assistants will be able to join each session, and priority will be given to
volunteers who can join more than one session. We welcome undergraduate and
postgraduate students who require field work support and office space to
conduct their research projects (please contact us by email to discuss
project ideas). No previous experience, nor specific knowledge, is required
as EDMAKTUB staff will provide all the necessary information and training.

Volunteering with EDMAKTUB you will learn about the rich marine fauna found
in the Garraf area and cetaceans’ census techniques while you enjoy
full-day survey trips on our catamaran along the Catalan coast. Data
collected by volunteers during the surveys will contribute to our long
running research studies on fin whales habitat usage, abundance,
photo-identification, feeding behaviour and acoustic studies. We offer a
fantastic opportunity for you to make a positive contribution to marine
wildlife conservation and also meet new people who share your interests!

Here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUjpZWQZzlk>you will find a short
video describing our ‘Fin whale Project’.

Additionally, we also offer you the opportunity to join us on our BCNCET
one-week summer campaigns (June-September 2015) in which we study the
presence and distribution of all cetacean species found in the Balearic
Sea, between Barcelona and the Balearic Islands.

EDMAKTUB <http://www.edmaktub.com/> is a non-profit organization that
relies on its volunteers’ and collaborators’ donations to cover the costs
and support the work of the project. Volunteers are an essential part of
the association and play a vital role in our work.

Join us in this unforgettable experience which will allow you to stay in
direct contact with the marine environment and its fascinating inhabitants!

If you are interested and would like more information on dates and prices,
please contact us on info at edmaktub.com

EDMAKTUB Association: for the study and disclosure of the marine

Facebook: Edmaktub <https://www.facebook.com/pages/Edmaktub/130721510320401>
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