[MARMAM] Invitation for dolphin researchers from The International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research (ILDBR) in Eilat, Israel

Gil Koplovitz gilkop at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 05:28:56 PST 2015

The International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research (ILDBR) in
Eilat, Israel would like to extend an invitation to dolphin researchers
around the world for collaboration in dolphin behavior research in our
unique facility.

The ILDBR is located in the "Dolphin-Reef" tourist facility, in a tower
about 8 m above a 14,000 m2 continuous semi-natural marine enclosure. The
facility is located south of the city of Eilat, Israel, at the northern
part of the Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea (34°56'13"E/29°31'37"N). The
dolphins live in an enclosure which consists of a sandy bottom marine
habitat with scattered natural patches of sea grass beds and coral reef
knolls, and enriched with several artificial reef constructions. The
enclosure is surrounded by plastic circumference net, which allows free in-
and outflow of sea water and marine organisms such as fish, cephalopods,
jellyfish and occasional sea turtles. The net is occasionally open to the
sea, allowing the dolphins almost unrestricted access to the open sea. The
dolphin pod currently consists of six Black Sea bottlenose dolphins *(Tursiops
truncatus ponticus*) – 2 males (ages 9 and 10) and 4 females (ages 20, 15,
12 and ~40). Five of the dolphins were born in the facility and the oldest
dolphin is from the original pod that was brought from the Black Sea in
1990. The dolphins do not undergo any reinforcement using food and their
interaction with the trainers is completely voluntary, unlike other dolphin
captivity programs. This provides unique opportunities for dolphin research
in a semi-natural environment, which are hard to obtain in wild

For more information about the facility and previous research, please see
Perelberg et al. 2010: “Studying Dolphin Behavior in a Semi-Natural Marine
Enclosure: Couldn't we do it all in the Wild?” *International Journal of
Comparative Psychology*, 2010, 23, 625-643.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

Dr. Gil Koplovitz

International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research

Ben Gurion University

Eilat, Israel

gilkop at gmail.com
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