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Interested applicants will email a cover letter and resume to ddesantis at cmaquarium.org<mailto:ddesantis at cmaquarium.org> .

Clearwater Marine Aquarium is located at 249 Windward Passage, Clearwater FL .

Information can be found at www.seewinter.com<http://www.seewinter.com> .

Due to the large number of applicants no follow up calls or emails will be accepted.


POSITION TITLE:  Stranding Biologist

REPORTS TO:  Supervisor



PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:  Able to work in adverse environmental conditions, lift and carry 50 lbs, proficient swimmer, and have good physical stamina.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY: The role of the Stranding Biologist within the Stranding Department is to support and contribute to the goals and objectives outlined by management.  This will require the Stranding Biologist position to maintain flexible working hours, to be amenable to shifting priorities and other changes, and to be able to modify accordingly.  The Stranding Biologist may report to more than one job site, which involves traveling beyond Pinellas County and/or to other facilities. The primary responsibility of the Stranding Biologist is to be activity involved in tasks that are necessary to support stranding preparedness and response, as determined by the Stranding Coordinator, and that which promotes education and community awareness.  Routine tasks required of the Stranding Biologist include, but are not limited to, public speaking, public relations, maintenance and storage of equipment, purchase of supplies, teaching and education, collection and management of data and samples, correspondence related to all aspects of the job, rehab shift coverage and overnight observations, operation of vehicles and vesicles, and producing written materials.  Other aspects of the Stranding Biologist position involve transport, processing and/or disposal of carcasses as well as the treatment and care of live animals in the field and/or in a rehab setting.  The Stranding Biologist is required to participate in random and unscheduled events such as interviews, necropsies, or various animal responses.  On an as needed basis, the Stranding Biologist will also assist with some or all aspects of various projects, research, or grant writing and is required to participate in other animal care departments.


*         To have complete knowledge of the SE Marine Mammal Stranding Network, CMA's role within the stranding network and the community.

*         Participate in all operations required for consistent stranding response preparedness 100% of the time.

*         Participate in daily operations including, but not limited to, the completion of checklists, equipment cleaning and organization, monitoring and response to the stranding hotline, public stranding demonstrations, guest programs, and more.

*         Modify and adjust work schedule and priorities in order to participate in the rapid response to all stranded animal rescues and rehab events, including those which occur during non-schedule times.

*         Maintain the cleanliness and organization of the critical care facilities and storage areas on a consistent basis.

*         Complete routine inspections of critical care facilities based on NMFS Polices and Best Practices and USDA guidelines.  Make recommendations for work orders.

*         Complete all tasks necessary to monitor the 24-hour CMA emergency stranding hotline.

*         Maintain a comprehensive and updated stranding team membership database.

*         Conduct workshops and trainings for the Stranding Team volunteers, interns, law enforcement, and the public.

*         Participate in the rehabilitation, release, and monitoring efforts of marine mammals, which involve overnight and extended-hour shifts.

*         Maintain accurate and updated information on CMA's Cetacean Database, CMA's Photo Archive, and the NMFS Marine Mammal National Database.

*         Collect quality data and complete required documentations (e.g. 24-hour report, Level A Data) for stranded animals.

*         Maintain or revise the Stranding Internship syllabus as needed, and provide daily training and supervision to Stranding Interns.  Complete a minimum of two evaluations for each Stranding Intern.

*         Participate in activities that promote or support the Stranding Department as determined by the Stranding Coordinator.

*         Participate in various public relations and media events, including professional interviews.

*         Participate in community relations, outreach events and other activities, which may involve traveling to the other counties within the state of FL, for the purpose of education, training, and networking.

*         Conduct public stranding demonstrations and/or hoist paid guest programs.  Assist with training of new program hosts and monitor programs for appropriate content and quality.

*         Participate in some or all aspects of various types of research projects, as deemed appropriate by CMA's research committee and the Stranding Coordinator.

*         Participate in projects, grant writing, and research, as needed.

*         Assist with conducting necropsies and coordinate the disposal of carcasses.

*         Maintain CMA's database for tissue samples and skeletal parts/complete skeletons and keep record of the transfer of parts.

*         Maintain stranding equipment and vehicles, including inspection logs.

*         Produce quality written material including SOPs, SOGs, reports, correspondence, and other.

*         Maintain an on-going record of the CCF freezer content, storage, and removal.

*         Participate in the development and implementation of educational outreach material or activities to promote public awareness and conservation efforts.


*         Bachelor's degree in related discipline from an accredited college/university

*         Minimum of 1-3 years of experience working in the Marine Mammal Stranding Network

*         Capacity to withstand extreme outdoor temperatures

*         Ability to lift up to 50lbs

*         Valid driver's license

*         Must pass the CMA Stranding Team swim test with a total of 80 points or higher

*         Proven written communication skills, preferably in research and/or grant writing

*          Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and related software programs (e.g. Microsoft Outlook; ArcGIS)

*         Excellent organizational and data entry skills.

*         Ability to manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

*         Possess good judgment, flexibility in responding to changing priorities, and be able to work as a team member and function well under pressure

Dawn De Santis
Vice President of Guest Relations/Human Resources
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
249 Windward Passage
Clearwater, FL 33767
ddesantis at cmaquarium.org<mailto:Youre-mail at cmaquarium.org>

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