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Marine Mammal Field Techniques

Participants in this program will spend 5 days in the field learning skills
important to marine mammal research and two days snorkeling near shore

Each day we will focus on a different skill and include a round table
discussion in the evening. This program is meant to be low stress and

A maximum of 8 students (and 2 MCERC faculty members) will cover the

Ø                      Passive acoustic monitoring data collection

Ø                      Acoustic analysis software

                         Theodolite tracking and theory

Ø                     Marine Mammal identification

Ø                    Capture-recapture studies (fluke and fin matching)

Bring your own snorkel gear and a camera because we will be working from
beautiful cliffs and swimming/snorkeling from Puerto Rico’s Caribbean

Cost of this program is $900.00USD and includes the instruction fee, a bunk
at the field house, all meals (we cook together), and transportation to all
field sites and beaches. The program fee does not include transportation to
and from San German, Puerto Rico.

To join us in this program;

Go to www.Marine-Eco.org/mcerc-moodle and fill out the Simple Application
Form. You can find the form and detailed instructions on the left on the
home page of the Education Hub. Send all the pages (you can take photos of
them!) to the address on the form. You will get a log on and password, then
you just log in, go to the course through the block on the right of the
home page, and follow the instructions!

There are only 8 spots for this program, so register quickly!
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