[MARMAM] "Rare sighting of an anomalously white sperm whale in the north western mediterranean sea

Julie Jourdan julie.jourdan at gecem.org
Tue Aug 18 07:42:45 PDT 2015

Dear Marmamers,

A white sperm whale (*Physeter macrocephalus*) was spotted from an
helicopter off Toulon, France, on the 6th of August 2015. The animal,
completely white, was probably a leucistic individual. Pictures of the
sighting are available on the following link:
Interestingly, two others sightings of white sperm whales have been made
this year in the italian waters, near Sardinia.

GECEM - Groupe d’Étude des Cétacés de Méditerranée
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Julie Jourdan

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