[MARMAM] New Listing: 2015 Student Travel Grants for Society for Marine Mammalogy's 21st Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals

Lynette Koftinow lklifeart at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 15 11:20:01 PDT 2015

San Francisco Bay American Cetacean Society Chapter would like to encourage Student participation in the Society for Marine Mammalogy's 21st Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals (San Francisco, California, 13-18 December 2015) by offering travel grants for ACS Student Members.
Three student travel grants ($500 each) will be selected from all eligible applications whose posters are accepted for the conference. Applications must be received by the Monday, 28 Septenber 2015 deadline.
1 grant will be open for any type of research in Cetaceans within the waters of California. 2 grants will be open for any type of research in Cetaceans within the waters of  West coast of  North America.
  To qualify for this grant, you need to:    
   - Make sure you are a current SF Bay Area ACS member at the time of submission. Application for membership to SF Bay Area ACS may be completed at the following website: 
   - Be currently enrolled as a student at a recognized academic institution.
   - Be first author on an accepted oral or poster presentation.
   - Register for the conference by the early registration deadline (www.marinemammalscience.org).
   - Currently reside and study within the Western region of the US, Canada or Mexico.
To apply:   
   - Submit a title and abstract (as submitted and accepted by the Society for Marine Mammalogy).
   - Give your name and school affiliation.
   - E-mail your application to: acs.sfbay at gmail.com
Note: As an awardee, you will be asked to present your poster or oral talk at a future ACS/SF Bay presentation event in San Francisco, or provide a summary report of your poster/spoken presentation for possible inclusion in future ACS publications. The student travel grant application period closes Monday, 28 Septenber 2015 Notification of the student travel grant awards will be made by Friday, 16 October  2015. 
For questions or to submit your application, contact Lynette R. Koftinow:  acs.sfbay at gmail.com
PLEASE NOTE we also have a CALL for 2015 SF Bay ACS Student Research Grant Proposals.      For full details go to our website: http://acs-sfbay.org/ Look under tab Research and Education:

Call for 2015 SF Bay ACS Student Research Grant Proposals

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Lynette R. Koftinow  President San Francisco Bay Area ChapterAmerican Cetacean Society
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American Cetacean Society (ACS) is the oldest whale conservation group in the world.  Founded in 1967, it is a non-profit, volunteer membership organization with regional U.S. chapters and members in 22 countries.

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