[MARMAM] New NRW report on guidance for marine mammal surveying requirements at wave and tidal stream energy sites in Wales

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Sent on behalf of Ceri Morris, Marine Mammal Specialist, Natural Resources Wales

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the recent publication:

Sparling C, Smith K, Benjamins S, Wilson B, Gordon J, Stringell T, Morris C, Hastie G, Thompson D & Pomeroy P 2015: Guidance to inform marine mammal site characterisation requirements at wave and tidal stream energy sites in Wales NRW Evidence Report Series Report No: 82, 87pp, Natural Resources Wales, Bangor.

Natural Resources Wales working with SMRU Consulting, Sea Mammal Research Unit and the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences have recently published a new set of guidance on marine mammal surveying requirements at wave and tidal stream energy sites in Wales. This report now provides a framework for assessing risk to marine mammals from wave and tidal stream developments and provides guidance on how to tailor surveys to provide better information for  impact assessments.

The report can be downloaded free here:


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