[MARMAM] Stable Isotopes workshop at SMM San Francisco

Luis Huckstadt lahuckst at ucsc.edu
Mon Aug 3 17:04:41 PDT 2015

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce we will be running hosting a one day workshop on
"The use of stable isotope analysis to study the trophic ecology, movement
patterns and life history of marine mammals" at the upcoming 21st Biennial
Conference of the Marine Mammal Society on Saturday, December 12th from
8:30 am - 5:30 pm, at the Hilton San Francisco

We would like to encourage anyone interested in the use of stable isotopes
to study the biology of marine mammals to attend. Students and researchers
that are new to the field are particularly welcome, as this workshop is
intended to help expanding their knowledge on the subject, as well as to
promote the interaction and scientific discussion with other investigators
in the field.

We welcome abstract submissions for posters.A poster session where workshop
attendees can present results from their own research, will be held at the
end of the workshop.

Workshop Organizers:Luis Huckstadt and Seth Newsome

Workshop Description:

This full day workshop will be dedicated to marine mammal researchers
currently working or interested in using Stable Isotopes Analysis (SIA) to
study ecological, physiological and movement patterns of marine mammals.
SIA is a powerful tool in biological studies of cryptic species such as
marine mammals, and their use is increasing in our field. However, there is
a great potential for expansion and new studies, while we also need to
address the limitations and best practices when using this methodologies.
This workshop will cover (1) basics aspects about SIA (with special focus
on students and researches with limited knowledge on the field), (2) SIA in
diet studies (including trophic fractionation and turnover rates, use of
mixing models, and tools available to analyze data), (3) compound specific
SIA, where researchers we will address the potential of this novel
technique and present data on amino acid d15N and d13C, and (4) a session
on use of SIA to study life history and maternal strategies. The workshop
will also include a poster session, where students can display their
research on SIA and interact with colleagues and other students.

Registration for the workshop should be done through the conference website

Cost: $80 (Before Sept. 15th)

         $90 (After Sept. 15th)

For more information, please visit

Kind regards,

Luis Huckstadt and Seth Newsome
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