[MARMAM] New paper on southern Australian cetacean diversity

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My co-authors and I would like to announce the publication of the following


Gill, P.C., R. Pirzl, M.G. Morrice and K. Lawton. 2015. Cetacean diversity
of the continental shelf and slope off southern Australia. Journal of
Wildlife Management 79(4): 672-681. DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.867


ABSTRACT We recorded a diverse cetacean assemblage from systematic aerial
surveys in productive upwelling waters off southern Australia in 2002-2013.
Surveys recorded 133 sightings of 15 identified cetacean species consisting
of 7 mysticete (baleen) whale species, 8 odontocete (toothed) species, and
384 sightings of unidentified dolphins. This is the first assessment of
cetacean diversity for the region and we found diversity to be comparable
with other productive regions elsewhere. Differential spatial and temporal
distributions of mysticete and odontocete species were apparent, and were
associated with habitat variables and seasonal migration cycles. The study
contributes new information to assist the environmental planning and
management of activities in the region, including oil, and gas exploration
and production, fishing,

shipping, and renewable energy development.


If you would like a PDF copy please contact me at pete at bluewhalestudy.org 




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