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Dear MARMAMers

I am compiling information about the use of marine mammals (especially
small cetaceans and sirenians) as bait and for human consumption, resulting
from direct hunts or opportunistic catches (e.g., by-catch) occurring in
Africa, especially on the west coast.

I would be very grateful if you would get in touch with me at
orcinus.orca.1758 at gmail.com if you have any published literature (e.g.,
scientific articles, reports), news, or contact details of
people/organisations that could provide me with further information (in
English, but also in Spanish or French would be appreciated).

Attached is a list of the literature I found.

Thank you in advance,

A. Mel Cosentino


Alfaro & Van Waerebeek (2001). Drowning in a sea of silence: the bushmeat
concept as applied to marine wildlife.

Angelici et al (2001). Some new mammal records from the rainforest of
South-Eastern Nigeria.

Ayissi et al (2011). Report on the exploratory survey of cetaceans and
their status in Cameroon.

Ayissi & Jiofack (2014). Impact assessment on by-catch artisanal fisheries:
sea turtles and mammals in Cameroon, West Africa.

Ayissi et al (2014). Rediscovery of Cameroon Dolphin, the Gulf of Guinea
Population of Sousa teuszii ( Kükenthal , 1892 ).

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humpback whales with southern hemisphere seasonality.

Brashares et al (2004). Bushmeat hunting, wildlife declines, and fish
supply in West Africa.

Clapham & Van Waerebeek (2007). Bushmeat and bycatch: the sum of the parts.

Collins et al (2009). The Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii) in
Gabon and Congo: cause for optimism or concern?

Collins (2012). Progress report for Atlantic humpback dolphin work in Gabon
and Congo

Debrah et al (2010). An update on the catch composition and other aspects
of cetacean exploitation in Ghana.

Essuman (2008). Bioaccumulation of platinum group metals in dolphins,
Stenella sp., caught off Ghana.

Fa et al (2006). Getting to grips with the magnitude of exploitation:
Bushmeat in the Cross–Sanaga rivers region, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Leeney et al (2015). Food, Pharmacy, Friend? Bycatch, Direct Take and
Consumption of Dolphins in West Africa.

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turtle and marine mammal bycatch in West Africa: Putting fishing activity
into a socio-economic context.

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cautions against opportunistic live-capture schemes.

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melon-headed whale Peponocephala electra on Boavista Island in November
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Waerebeek et al (2014). Cetacean landings at the fisheries port of Dixcove
, Ghana in 2013-14: a preliminary appraisal.

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Vulnerable Atlantic humpback dolphin (Sousa teuszii), with a case study
from Namibe Province , Angola.

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1956 from the Gulf of Guinea and Angola.

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endemic, enigmatic and soon Endangered?

Weir & Pierce (2013). A review of the human activities impacting cetaceans
in the eastern tropical Atlantic.
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