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_/Australian citizen applicants only/_*_.


AMMCF, in affiliation with Museum Victoria, Zoos Victoria and Deakin 
University, is currently seeking applications from highly qualified 
candidates for BSc Honours 2015 (mid-year intake). The project will 
assess the stranding and sighting records of marine mammals (whales, 
dolphins and seals) as a part of AMMCFs larger biodiversity assessment 
research program led by Dr Kate Charlton-Robb.

*Background & Project overview*

37% of all marine mammals are at a risk of extinction, with 25% of 
marine mammal species listed as ‘threatened’. Marine mammals in the 
southern ocean face many threats that potentially impact on their 
long-term survival, including habitat degradation, anthropogenic 
activities, over-exploitation of prey species, and oceanic and 
environmental changes. In addition, the loss of top apex predators has 
the potential to seriously impact on lower trophic levels and important 
ecosystem functions. There is a distinct lack of knowledge about which 
cetaceans reside in Victorian waters, making it especially difficult to 
assess potential food-web and ecosystems impacts. Recently, unexpected 
or rarely observed species in this region have been recorded, including 
pigmy sperm whale (/Kogia breviceps/), rough-toothed dolphin (/Steno 
bredanensis/), shepherd’s beaked whale (/Tasmacetus shepherdi/) and 
striped dolphin (/Stenella coeruleoalba/).

This Honours project will collate and assess the stranding 
(live/deceased beach-cast animals) and sightings records from across 
Victoria from numerous sources and use geospatial analyses to 
investigate the potential ecological drivers influencing such events; 
thus providing critical conservation and management knowledge for 
numerous top-order species. In particular, this research will provide a 
comprehensive biodiversity assessment, greatly extending our knowledge 
of marine mammal species in southern Australian waters, and potentially 
identifying rare, unique or endangered species. This Honours project 
will be offered in affiliation with Museum Victoria, co–supervised by Dr 
Karen Rowe and Deakin University, co-supervised by Associate Professor 
John Arnould.



·Bachelor of Science degree, with a minimum of Distinction average.

·Experience in collecting and processing ecological data.

·Proficiency in Microsoft and statistical packages.

·Familiarity with GIS analyses and software and relational databases 
(e.g., Microsoft Access).

*Application Process*

Please send your expressions of interest containing the following:

1.A brief covering letter outlining your relevant experience and the 
project of interest.

2.Curriculum Vitae

3.Current academic transcript

4.Two relevant referees who are familiar with your academic, research 
and ethical record.

*Please forward the above to Dr Kate Charlton-Robb**kcr at ammcf.org.au. *

Applications will be considered and we will contact you with further 

/Australian citizen applicants only. Unfortunately given the timing 
restrictions of the Honours course we are only able to offer the project 
to Australian citizens./

*CLOSING DATE: 15th May 2015*

Dr Kate-Charlton-Robb
Principal Researcher
Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation
PO Box 2046
Hampton East VIC 3188
e: kcr at ammcf.org.au
w: ammcf.org.au

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