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Lori Polasek lorip at alaskasealife.org
Wed Apr 15 22:37:10 PDT 2015

Agency: University of Alaska Fairbanks

Location: Fairbanks, AK (classes) and Seward, AK (research)

Job Category: Masters Student Project


Timing/Funding: Estimated 1 year of classes and 1-2 years for data analysis
and write up.  In year 1, student will have a Teaching Assistantship and
has the opportunity to work as a seasonal technician.  Funding for
subsequent semesters is pending, but not guaranteed.

Start Date: Fall of 2015

Last Date to Apply: April 30th, 2015

Description: An opportunity for a Master of Science project working on
currently in-hand Pacific walrus data.  Photographic images have been
captured for three years documenting walrus presence and abundance at 5
summer terrestrial haulout locations in Alaska.  The project would
investigate abundance within and between haulout sites, assess accuracy of
various animal counting methods, and compare recent abundance to
historical.  There are no expected field opportunities at this time.

Qualifications: Student must have good grades (~3.5) and GRE (above 50%)
scores.  Experience working with Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word
preferred. Basic statistical understanding desired.

Application: If interested, please send an email of interest with GRE
scores and resume.  Application materials must be received by April 30,
2015 for consideration for the 2015 Fall semester.

Contact Person: Dr. Lori Polasek

Contact email: lorip at alaskasealife.org
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