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Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation runs Adriatic
Dolphin Project (ADP) since 1999. This research project focuses on biology
and ecology of the bottlenose dolphins and other cetaceans inhabiting the
Adriatic Sea. The overall aim of the project is to provide scientific
background for the efforts to conserve cetaceans in the Adriatic Sea.


There is a possibility for volunteers to join one of our research teams and
take part in every day research routines. This is a great opportunity to
learn first-hand about biology and ecology of the species, practice skills
and techniques to collect and analyze data and gain a valuable field work
experience. Students of marine biology/ecology and similar courses will find
this experience most useful. However, no previous experience or knowledge of
biology is required and anyone can join the team.


There are volunteer positions available in two of our research teams:


1.       Adriatic Dolphin Project - Lošinj

The research team is based on the island of Lošinj, from where daily area
surveys are conducted using a 5.8 m RIB. The duration of the volunteering
stage is 12 days and positions are available from May to September.


2.       Adriatic Dolphin Project - Northern Dalmatia

The research in northern Dalmatia is boat-based, meaning the whole team
lives and works on board a 14 m boat, and uses a 5.2 m RIB for daily area
surveys in search for dolphins. The duration of the volunteering stage is 10
days and positions are available from June to August.



You can find available dates, costs and other detailed information about
each project here: http://www.blue-world.org/en/get-involved/volunteer/


Or you can contact us directly: volunteer at blue-world.org
<mailto:volunteer at blue-world.org> 


Kind regards,

Grgur Pleslić

Senior Researcher

Blue World Institute

http://www.blue-world.org <http://www.blue-world.org/> 


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