[MARMAM] Seismic Airguns in the Atlantic social media campaign-- help needed

Johnson, Charise CJohnson at oceana.org
Thu Apr 9 13:13:43 PDT 2015

Hello all,

I am passing on a request from my colleague at Oceana: we are looking for marine scientists to participate in a social media campaign to increase awareness of the potential risks of seismic airgun testing in the Atlantic Ocean.

We've reached out to this list twice before seeking signers on two letters to the Obama administration on the issue:

  *   75 Leading marine scientists<http://usa.oceana.org/sites/default/files/statement._atlantic_seismic_5mar15.pdf>: letter to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management expressing concern over the introduction of seismic oil and gas exploration along the U.S. mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic coasts (sent on 3/5/2015.)
  *   100+ scientists<http://oceana.org/sites/default/files/Marine_Scientist_Sign_on_Letter_Use_Acoustic_Guidelines_for_Seismic_Surveys_in_Mid_and_South_Atlantic.pdf>: letter to President Obama urging him to wait on new science before permitting the use of seismic airguns in the Atlantic Ocean (sent on 2/20/2014.)

Please let me or Nancy Pyne (npyne at oceana.org<mailto:npyne at oceana.org>) know if you're able to participate. Thanks so much!

Charise Johnson

From: Pyne, Nancy
Subject: Seismic Airguns in the Atlantic social media campaign-- help needed

Thank you for signing a letter<http://oceana.org/sites/default/files/Marine_Scientist_Sign_on_Letter_Use_Acoustic_Guidelines_for_Seismic_Surveys_in_Mid_and_South_Atlantic.pdf> to President Obama expressing your concerns about seismic testing along the U.S. mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic coasts. This letter has proven invaluable in our ongoing efforts to protect marine wildlife, ocean ecosystems and coastal communities from the impacts of offshore oil and gas exploration.

As you may have heard, the Obama administration recently granted one of our requests, and has provided the public with another opportunity to comment on the permitting process for seismic testing. The comment period will be open during the month of April, and we would like to use the letter you signed to bring attention to this critical issue.

I'm writing to ask if you'll be a part of a social media campaign designed at getting out the facts about seismic exploration. Here's what you would do:

*         Print out the attached sign and fill in your name and affiliation/position.

*         Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. It reads: "Seismic airgun exploration for oil and gas puts marine life at risk of serious harm."

*         Send the photo and attached disclosure form back to me, and we will take care of the rest!

We truly appreciate your willingness to urge the Obama administration to reverse the decision to allow seismic surveys for oil and gas in the Atlantic.

Please take the next step and help us get the word out to ocean-lovers and activists across the country. With the 5th anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster approaching, we don't want to repeat the same mistakes in the Atlantic.

All the best,
Nancy Pyne

Grassroots Manager, Climate and Energy Campaign

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