[MARMAM] Release of the OERS Otter Activity Booklet

Nesime Askin nesimeaskin at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 9 13:24:04 PDT 2015

Press ReleaseRE: OERS Otter Activity Booklet  The Oceanographic Environmental ResearchSociety (OERS) is proud to announce the launch of "Fun with Sophie the SeaOtter & Ricky the River Otter" children's activity booklet.Illustrated by artist Nicole Clough, children from ages 4 to 7 will have 22stimulating educational pages to colour and learn about Sophie and Ricky. Fromthe colour of their coats, to their favourite foods, and some of the ecologicalstruggles of these cute baby otters, children will enjoying learning about seaotters, river otters, and some of their ‘otter’ relatives in this activitybooklet! Parents are encouraged to read to their children and help them learnmore about these furry and adorable otters.  The "Fun with Sophie the Sea Otter& Ricky the River Otter" activity booklet is free, please send anemail to get.oers at gmail.com and write "OERS Otter Activity booklet"in the subject header of your email.  It is our belief that providing freeactivity booklets for children will make it easier for educators and parentsworldwide to provide both fun and educational learning experiences for youngminds. It is important that we are able to inspire and raise awareness of thesespecies to children at an early age, so that they can grow to love and respectthese creatures.  We thank you in advance for your efforts touse these activity booklets in your school, program, and/or organization. Weeven encourage adults to colour them in and share in the fun! 


Dr. Nesime Askin, OERSBiologist and Art Director ==================================================Dr. Nesime Askin, PhD
OERS Biologist and Art Director
Oceanographic Environmental Research Society (OERS)
email: nesimeaskin at yahoo.ca 


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