[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Observer and Passive Acoustic Monitor Course

Yvonne Miles - Scanning Ocean Sectors yvonne at scanningoceansectors.com
Thu Apr 9 09:42:24 PDT 2015

*We are pleased to announce UK and AU training courses for April and May
for 2015.*

*Scanning Ocean Sectors* specialises in training, consultancy and
supply of *Marine
Mammal Observer (MMO)* / *Marine Fauna Observer (MFO) *worldwide.

We are JNCC recognised/approved course for industry and research for the
UKCS and have been running for over 12 years.

We have years of research behind the effective and consistent  training of
MMOs/MFOs  including courses adapted/personalised to the requirements of
our clients, and taught by professionals in their specialised fields. Our
staff are fully trained and experienced in all areas of the MMO/MFO line of

Our specialised training ensures RESEARCH/INDUSTRY attains the most
professional and well equipped MMOs/MFOs they require for the specialised
work. The outcome from our training is that you will gain a KNOWLEDGABLE,
EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE MMO/MFO in the workplace and are proactive in their

Each student is graded in their certification to ensure the professional
quality standard of the MMO/MFO.

Our training course dates are below and there are still places available
for the APRIL and MAY courses.

Please note you must register and pay at the same time.

NOTE: pre registering will NOT entitle you to the standard price. The price
coding will be at the time of full and final payment.

For full prices please visit www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/prices/.

*MMO Training Course Dates in UK*


MMO course 13th April to 16th

*PAMO Training Course Dates in UK*

PAMO 16th -17th April


*MMO Training Course Dates in AU*

MMO course 27th April to 30th

*PAMO Training Course Dates in AU*

PAMO 14th -15th May

REGISTER NOW <http://www.marinemammalobservertraining.com/register/>

*Register Online*

Visit the website to register for the next MMO course.


*Other Useful Links*

Marine Mammal Observer Training on Facebook

Marine Mammal Magazine on Facebook

Marine Mammal Jobs on Facebook

*Yvonne Miles*
Managing Director

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