[MARMAM] 2015 Assessment of Regulator Resources and Decision Making Tools

Holly Morin holly_morin at uri.edu
Tue Apr 7 08:46:33 PDT 2015

There is still time to participate in the 2015 Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) Needs Assessment for the regulatory decision making community.  For those of you that have already participated and provided input, we greatly appreciate your taking the time to complete this brief survey.  We encourage anyone involved in the decision making process (that deals with underwater sound and/or marine animals) to participate in this assessment.

DOSITS (www.dosits.org) is a comprehensive, educational website on underwater sound, designed to provide accurate scientific information at levels appropriate for all audiences, including regulators and policy-makers. Regulatory decision makers have needs for comprehensive, easy to understand, and rapidly accessible resources. To meet these needs, the DOSITS team will be developing targeted resources over the next 12 months. To best serve the regulatory community, the team has created a brief survey designed to identify high priority topics and resource formats. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.  All members of the regulatory decision making community (government employees, federal and state contractors, NGO employees, and industry representatives that deal with underwater sound and/or marine animals) are encouraged to complete the survey.  Your responses will directly influence the development of these new resources, which will be publically available on the DOSITS website. The survey is anonymous and no personal data will be collected.

To complete the 2015 DOSITS Needs Assessment for the regulatory decision making community, please follow this link:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/dosits2015

Please note, the survey will close on Monday, April 20, 2015.

This research is conducted by the University of Rhode Island. If you have questions please contact Chris Knowlton at cknowlton at uri.edu.

Holly Morin
Marine Research Associate II
University of Rhode Island
Graduate School of Oceanography
holly_morin at uri.edu (**please note my updated email address**)

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