[MARMAM] necropsy data request

Mithriel MacKay mithriel.mackay at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 06:16:50 PDT 2015

Hi Everybody,

I have a research assistant working on a project and in need of some
necropsy data. We are finding the contact list for folks that gather this
data a bit difficult to follow and would appreciate some help directly
through the MARMAM list.

Specifically, we are in need of body length measurements of humpback whales
from the rostrum to dorsal (anatomical) landmarks and similar (dorsal) body
length measurements.

If you have this data and are willing to share please contact either one of
us at the following email addresses:
Jonny Reid             jonathanjreid at gmail.com
Mithriel MacKay   Mithriel at Marine-Eco.org

Many thanks for the help!

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Mithriel M. MacKay
Ph.D. Candidate
Marine Mammal Behavioral Ecology Group
Department of Marine Biology
Texas A&M University, Galveston
(830) 688-9878
mithriel.mackay at gmail.com


Director of Research and Education
Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center
San German, Puerto Rico, USA
Pipe Creek, Texas 78063
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