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Fri Apr 3 12:37:19 PDT 2015

Gain hands-on experience in a dynamic environment with guidance from a mentor who is a member of our excellent staff. Internship positions are available in the following areas:

Media & Public Relations
Life Support

(For information on our Husbandry, Research, and Water Quality Lab internships, please view the separate listings on this website or visit http://mysticaquarium.org/get-involved/internships)

The internship program reflects our mission, "to inspire people to care for and protect our ocean planet through education, research and exploration."  Internships are available for the fall, spring and summer.
Interns have the opportunity to attend weekly educational seminars, receive feedback from supervisors, and work on independent projects to enhance their knowledge and resumes.

Application deadlines are as follows:
Spring internships (Jan-May): September 30
Summer internships (May-Aug): January 31
Fall internships (Sept-Dec): May 31

Please see the Mystic Aquarium website for more information on the internship program and instructions on completing an application.

Essential Responsibilities
For more information on each of these internships, please view internship information on the Mystic Aquarium website:

Requested Requirements
The applicant must be enrolled in or recently graduated from college in order to participate. Internships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students can receive academic credit from their school for the internship, but it is the student's responsibility to arrange for the credit.
All internships are unpaid. Internships vary in number of days per week and the number of hours per week. They range from one to five days per week. The time commitment involved can be discussed during the interview process and will be consistent most weeks.
Most internships follow the college year (Spring, Summer and Fall semesters). Dates of the program may be adjusted to fit other school calendars or programs.

Contact Email Address
Interninfo at searesearch.org<mailto:Interninfo at searesearch.org>

Kathleen Freeman
Internship Coordinator & Mission Programs Administrator
Human Resources Department / Mission Programs
Phone | 860-572-5955 Ext 306
kfreeman at searesearch.org<mailto:kfreeman at searesearch.org>

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