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The following was just published online:

Clapham, P.  2014.  Japan’s whaling following the International Court of
Justice ruling: Brave New World - Or business as usual?  *Marine Policy *51:


Since 1987, Japan has conducted extensive special permit whaling
(“scientific whaling”) in the Antarctic and North Pacific.  This has been
viewed by many as a way to circumvent the International Whaling
Commission’s (IWC) moratorium on commercial whaling, which was implemented
in 1985.  Recently, Australia took Japan to the International Court of
Justice (ICJ) over this issue.  Using various criteria, the Court ruled
that Japan’s whaling was not “for purposes of scientific research” as
required by Article VIII of the International Convention for the Regulation
of Whaling, and ordered Japan to immediately cease its JARPA II whaling
program in the Antarctic.  Despite optimism that the Court’s ruling might
spell the end of Japanese whaling in the Antarctic and even elsewhere,
Japan has indicated that it will redesign its whaling programs and continue
operations.  Based upon Japan’s history at the IWC, I argue here that this
was an expected outcome; I predict the course of events over the next
months, and suggest that the ICJ ruling, while satisfying as an independent
vindication of Japan’s critics, represents little more than a temporary
setback for that nation’s whaling enterprise.

Reprints are available from me, at phillip.clapham at gmail.com

Phil Clapham
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