[MARMAM] "Seabirds as Prey" symposium participants requested

Kim Raum-Suryan kraumsuryan at charter.net
Wed Sep 17 11:43:46 PDT 2014

Dear all,


We are looking for potential contributors for a session titled "Seabirds as
Prey:  Top-down control of seabird colony, population, and foraging
dynamics" for the 2nd World Seabird Conference in Cape Town, South Africa,
October 2015.  


We hope that contributions will include a broad range of seabird predators
at sea (teleost fishes to sharks and marine mammals) and on land (skuas and
eagles to pinnipeds and polar bears).  


For more information, please see symposium description below and, if
interested in participating, send the co-conveners a title of your proposed
presentation within the next couple weeks (by 28 September).


Co-Conveners:  Robert Suryan, Oregon State University,
rob.suryan at oregonstate.edu Mark Hipfner, Simon Fraser University and
Environment Canada, mark.hipfner at ec.gc.ca Donald Lyons, Oregon State
University, don.lyons at oregonstate.edu


In most marine and coastal food webs, seabirds are not apex predators.  The
potential impact of top-down regulation in seabird ecology and population
dynamics, however, remains understudied. Furthermore, the recovery of native
predator populations following decades of suppression is exerting previously
unobserved pressures on seabird populations.  Important questions regarding
to what extent some seabird populations may be shifting from bottom-up to
top-down control and whether ecological principals of trophic cascades or
meso-predator release apply to food webs involving seabirds.  This symposium
will focus on the interactions of seabirds and seabird predators (primarily,
but not exclusively, native predators) and the degree to which top-down
control is impacting seabird colony, population, and foraging dynamics.
Micro- to macro-scale perspectives could range from top-down effects on
foraging behavior at sea to impacts on reproduction and redistribution of
breeding colonies.


If you have questions or suggestions please let us know.  Sincerely,


Rob, Mark, and Don


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