[MARMAM] The Whale: An Exploration - a day-long conference of scientists, artists and film-makers discussing the past and future of the whale, National Martime Museum, London 20 Sept 2014

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Prof Philip Hoare, University of Southampton

The Whale: An Exploration.  An all-day conference at the National  
Maritime Museum, London, 20 September.http://www.rmg.co.uk/whats-on/events/the-whale

A unique day event investigating and celebrating one of the ocean’s  
most captivating and mysterious residents. In the company of award  
winning writers, artists, film-makers and specialists in cetacean  
studies and conservation.

Navigating the fluctuating human relationship with one of the ocean's  
most remarkable and threatened creatures, Philip Hoare (Leviathan, The  
Sea Inside); sound-recordist and composer Chris Watson (Life, Frozen  
Planet); former whaler and Greenpeace activist John Burton; Rob  
Deaville (UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme); Mark  
Carnall (Grant Museum of Zoology); and Steve Deput (author/discoverer  
of Jonah the Circus Whale) join acclaimed artist film-maker Jessica  
Sarah Rinland for a multi-faceted voyage into the extraordinary world  
of the whale.

Taking place in the week of the International Whaling Commission’s  
biennial global meeting, the event will consider the challenges facing  
current whale populations while also tracking their energising  
presence in literature, film and music. 
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