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Dear all,
We have a mass stranding of 24 pilot whales in the South of Norway and we need help. The animals were discovered on Friday the 5th September but probably had been stranded for a few days before. The carcassess are still pretty fresh but we need to take fast action. The local government wants to get rid of the carcasses tomorrow Monday but we will try to stop this procedure. We suspect seismic activities might have had an influence, but of course we need to further the study and test for morbillivirus too and any other cause of death. We would like to necropsy these animals. Since we don´t have a stranding and response network in Norway we need extra people to help us conduct this task. We are searching for anyone that could join us in the South of Norway this week to help us. Anyone with experience in necropsy procedures would be of help, and those who have previous experience in pilot whale mass stranding, and have worked with morbillivirus and/or seismic, are preferred. We have some funding to cover the expenses of those who would like to help. Please send me an email at macostaplata at gmail.com. Hope to get some feedback from you guys!
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